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My biggest Madden gripe

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BigSmooth33, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. BigSmooth33

    BigSmooth33 Walk On

    Jan 6, 2010
    So, by far and away, my biggest gripe about Madden is how super stupid it is to try to defend the studs in this game.

    Chris Johnson is like a missile mixed with a freight train.
    Adrian Peterson straight up can't be tackled.
    Calvin Johnson will catch any fade pass you throw to him.

    For the most part the studs are indefensible.

    For example, I joined MEGA for extra practice for PMFL. I used the Titans, since I live in Tennessee and wanted to give the Lions a rest. I swear, first play from scrimmage for me, a simple stretch play, and Chris Johnson had 94 rushing yards and a TD. At one point, I had 213 yards on 8 carries.
    My opponent was playing with the Steelers and is a pretty solid football gamer.

    Maybe the settings are different? I don't know, the only times I play Madden anymore are in PMFL league games or for MEGA and it seems like there are certain nuances that are just down right corny when compared to NCAA. Another example, I fumbled the ball late in the 4th. They did the whole scrum thing as they piled up to recover the fumble. It was 3rd and long. The computer gave me the ball back after the pile was broken, but then I had a first down. WTF?!?!?

    I guess I just expect Madden to be by far and away the best game EA provides but in the last few years, the NCAA title has just pooped on Madden's face in my opinion. I expect Mercedes quality from Madden but have been getting mid 80's GM quality the past few years and it's really getting annoying.

    What do you think? What's your biggest gripe?

    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Quite honestly, my biggest gripe is actually regarding those who complain about the game. I respect your frustration and disappointment with certain aspects of the video game. However, we all know Madden is just that… a video game. When we purchase Madden, it is inevitable that it will contain certain idiosyncrasies with regard to exploits and bugs. Those issues are unavoidable.

    Part of the reason why we participate in leagues is to avoid individuals who take advantage of the exploits in the game. Do we see some messed up things happen in our league games whether it is intentional or otherwise? Absolutely we do. At least in a league arena we have the ability to set parameters around what is accepted and what is not to try to limit the frequency of those occurrences. We also see some messed up things happen in real life NFL games. Shoot, we even see goofy things occur in the NCAA game which has surpassed Madden in many aspects of the sim football arena.

    When the player ratings were announced for Madden, EA expressed that superstars would be just that… SUPERSTARS. I would much rather see AP or CJ gain their yards or Calvin make that spectacular grab on a fade in the end zone if it means producing some form of realism in the game. On the converse, I love to see a high rated defense shut down their opponent when used appropriately. It’s much better than seeing an average corner shut down your superstar receiver, or a mediocre defense shut down your superstar running back, or a less than average offense score at will against your high rated defense. However, we also have to admit one thing. Even superstars have bad days.

    Perhaps part of the issue in your game was your opponent’s play calling. If he was blitzing a majority of the time, there really isn’t going to be anyone in the secondary to contain a superstar running back once he gets into the 2ndary. Perhaps part of the issue in your game was your opponent’s improper manual use of defenders such as over-pursuing, poor tackling, or blown coverage. Perhaps part of the issue was that you simply played to your team’s strengths and just outplayed your opponent. Perhaps part of the issue was that the “Madden Gods” had decided the outcome of your game before it even began (we’ve all been involved in those frustrating affairs).

    Now, I’m not saying any of those things happened. But rather, I’m just throwing a handful of possibilities out there to expand on the other facets of this phenomenon we call Madden. Sometimes we need to take a different perspective instead of just concentrating on the negative aspects of the game. Do I get frustrated with some of the things I see on the field? You’re damn right I do. However, I’d say a vast majority of the time it is a result of my own strategy, poor decision making, or deficient “stick skills.” Sometimes you have to admit that you were on top of your game or out played and it wasn’t the game’s fault that you won or lost.

    So, after all of my rambling, I guess my question for you is this… If you are that disappointed with the game, then why do you play it? I play because of my love for competition, my appreciation for the brotherhood of the league, and the belief that the game will continue to improve with each release. I accept that there will be flaws as there are with any video game. The only thing that the negativity is going to do is bring is everyone else down. Try to use that energy constructively. Make some contacts with EA. Establish a forum for individuals to provide positive suggestions versus negative feedback which typically leads to nowhere. I see this post doing just that…
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  3. BigSmooth33

    BigSmooth33 Walk On

    Jan 6, 2010
    I play because I like the friendly competition too and open discussion in a community based league where I can freely ask questions or inquire about others opinions about the game or strategies.

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