My Depiction of the Irving Clock/Bomb Proceedings

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    For those who haven't heard about it:

    This was in reply to a friend of mine that I wrote on facebook. I keep reading it and laughing. I tickle myself sometimes.

    Teacher: "Sir, that backalackalacka kid brought something to class with wires sticking out of it. I think it may be a bomb because I've never taken any electronic device apart. I assume those work on magic and not circuit boards, wires and capacitors."
    Principal: "I agree. Bring ol' bippity boppity in here and we will get to the bottom of it. But first, call the police and make sure they have enough back-up to take down a 14 year old."

    - 5 minutes later -

    Principal: "Listen Apu, I don't know what you are trying to do here, but NOT ON MY WATCH!!! I'm not going to sit here watching sand go down the tube while you attempt to bring a bomb into my school."

    Ahmed: "Seriously? It's a simple circuit board, with a battery and a display. As a leader of education, how can you not discern this simple device from a weapon? It's very simple to understand, see this goes here... "

    Principal: " I Don't need a lesson in elementary circuits, son! Lock 'em up boys!"
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