my retirement

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    Sep 12, 2009
    my retirement

    I've decided to retire. I'm retiring because TF is banning aggressive. No matter what team I am, I will now allow 400-500 yards minimum passing in user games. Most users when they play user games called pass plays based on average 15-20% more in user games. This means that if you called pass plays 50% normally, you most likely called them 65-70% in user games. One guy who I played called pass plays around 50% normally in my user game called 85% passes. He was not Texas Tech. 85% pass plays is not sim.

    I was allowing any where between 250-400 yards in user games using aggressive the amount I was using it, which averaged out to about 40%.

    I think you are all a bunch of great guys and I had fun winning, and even losing has been fun. I was 8-7 in user games. Thanks to all of you for the advice on passing game, it has helped and I am seeing some improvement.

    Please note the teams I am here in TF are:
    Pitt-they are a good team 2-1 (user)
    Cal-they are a good team 4-2 (user 3-2 with Washington 1-0 Cal)
    WKU-they suck, but I was getting more facemask penalties using normal than aggressive. I could not figure that out. 0-1 (user)
    Stanford-They are slow, but I liked the challenge. 0-3 (user)
    La Tech- decent team made noise with them 2-0 (user)

    I wish you all the best.

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