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Nates OMFL HotSeat w/Co-Commish Winuvas

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Nates OMFL HotSeat w/Co-Commish Winuvas

    Welcome OMFL to another addition of your OMFL Hot Seat. The fire is hotter than ever with all of the recent turnover in the OMFL. This week we are going to welcome in the Co-Commish of the OMFL, Coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs, Coach Winuvas. Coach Win, Welcome...

    Winuvas: Good to be here.

    Let's just right into this. Straight and tot he point, are the bucs back?

    Winuvas: Not yet. We still have a tough road ahead. But we're making progress.

    You are one of the quietest owners when it comes to move, but you quietly had a great offseason this past offseason and your team has turned it around under your ownership, how did you do it?

    Winuvas: Defense and running the ball. Simple, straightforward, smashmouth football. That's how I was taught. That is how I coach. That is how my players are starting to play.

    So 3 yards and a cloud of dust?

    Winuvas: Hopefully more than that, but yes, that is it.

    We understand you've always been partial to the bucs growing up, what drew you there as a coach?

    Winuvas: Well, just the fact that Tampa Bay had a good young QB in Josh Freeman and a solid offensive line that I didn't have in KC was a start.

    What's your goal for this season?

    Winuvas: Trying to get us to .500 is a realistic goal after last season. If we make the playoffs, fine. If not, I want to get to 8-8 at minimum.

    Really? why so low on your goals?

    Winuvas: Well, to be honest, as a coach I'm 6-14. I think those are lofty compared to previous results.

    What's it going to take for this team to be a steady in the OMFL playoffs?

    Winuvas: Offensive consistency. We have to get more consistent at scoring points. Point blank, if we score 20 points first, we win. Period. Our defense is that solid.

    I know you were 2-0 against him, but are you sad or happy to see the Falcons owner move to his hometown Cowboys?

    Winuvas: lol....I'm glad Wajy is getting a chance to get his favorite team under his wing, but I am sad to see him go. He was a great owner in our division and a great coach in Atlanta.

    So is that your goal each game is 20 points?

    Winuvas: Well, obviously more. The more the better. But if we get to 20 points first, we're not allowing 20 points on the defensive side.

    Coming from the AFC, where do you rank the NFC now that you've been here for a little while?

    Winuvas: I think the NFC has a lot of quality teams. Guys like Dallas, New York, and now San Francisco are forces right now. The AFC had the Colts, Jags, and Patriots. Offense in AFC, defense in NFC, in my opinion

    I like the confidence in your defense, what are you going to do when the high flying Saints come to town 2 times a year, and rookie sensations English and Keller?

    Winuvas: Well....not to tip too much, but I think English should be worried about his protection. With Ruud, Timmons, and Rivers at LB, he will see one or all of them all day. And Keller...hit him in the mouth once or twice and he'll be on the sidelines. Not terribly worried about him.

    What's the one missing link in the Bucs team right now?

    Winuvas: Offensive consistency, especially in our passing game. Josh Freeman is still learning the ropes of the OMFL defensive schemes and has his moments. With a more solid nucleus of talent around him, he has to step up and come out on top for us to keep a hold of the NFC South.

    With the Falcons leaving and Panthers down, is the NFC South up for taking?

    Winuvas: In a word, yes. Right now we control our own destiny. It's up to us to keep putting the pressure on the Saints to keep winning games to stay with us. We're in the driver's seat, even though it's early.

    So straight up, who takes it?

    Winuvas: I like my chances. I think it comes down to week 17 when we meet New Orleans. Win or go home style.

    Ok Coach, each week we like to end the show with a little word association. Just tell me the first word or phrase that comes to mind when I say things like...

    Winuvas: Fun

    OMFL Playoffs

    Winuvas: hopeful

    the future

    Winuvas: bright

    pass or run

    Winuvas: run

    man or zone

    Winuvas: zone

    offense or defense

    Winuvas: defense


    Winuvas: out of reach

    Coach Win you are now OFF the OMFL Hot Seat

    Winuvas: Thanks. It was fun.
  2. joseph201105

    joseph201105 OMFL- Oakland Raiders

    Jan 2, 2010
    This things are so great nice job u guys

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