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Nates OMFL HotSeat w/Coach Jeremy of the Steelers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Nates OMFL HotSeat w/Coach Jeremy of the Steelers

    Welcome to Nate's OMFL Hot Seat - Season 2! We've been on a long break, but we are back and looking to rock along. Let's welcome in our first guest of the season, the OMFLBowl Champions of Season I, Coach Jeremy of the OMFL Steelers via the Vikings. Welcome coach.

    Jeremy: Thanks Nate..an honor to be here.

    Right off the bat, congrats on the OMFLBowl victory, but you jumped ship pretty quickly. Why?

    Jeremy: i coach like I play, on the edge. who else would live a team like the vikes. I am always looking for a new mountain

    Some say that the retiring of Brett had a lot to do with your decision. If Brett stays, do you?

    Jeremy: It had nothing to do with it. QB in my offense is overrated. look what i did when I got to pitt..traded away Big Ben and I have Kerry Collins captain of my ship..I make a QB great

    Do you think Bretts done for good this time?

    Jeremy: Who knows. Pigs have flown and hell has frozen over so who knows what brett will do

    Jeremy: Why should Steelers fans buy into what your doing in Steeler Land, if you jumped ship after winning the OMFLBowl after one season?

    Hey, i bring championships to teams. If thats not good enough for them, well too bad.

    So lets talk about your new team. You win the Bowl, quit, get hired on with the Steelers and then trade away their stud, star, franchise QB in your first few days. Why?

    Jeremy: Looking to make a splash. i saw a huge weakness in Pitt in their secondary expecially CB. I saw my first round pick more valuable than my QB. Kerry Collins WILL be the starting AFC QB in thsi years OMFL Bowl

    You could have went any where, why Pittsburgh?

    Jeremy: DEFENSE....DEFENSE

    What's this team lacking right now? What holes do you have left to be filled?

    Jeremy: Probably O-Line..I thought I would be able to ride them but after week 1s poor showing in the run game i might be rethinking that

    What's it going to take to win it all with the Steelers this year as compared to the Vikings last year?

    Jeremy: Going to have to rely more in the passing game. AP carried the Vikes to the bowl last year, this year i will have to be more creative

    What was the biggest loss to your team, from this past offseason?

    Jeremy: Any loss is negated when you land a coach like me.!!

    What was the biggest gain to your team?

    Jeremy: Seriously?? Next question

    Pretty confident there coach. If you think you could win with anyone, why not take the Chiefs?

    Jeremy: Good point Nate....Dont get me wrong I do have limits into what i can do. You may have just challenged me commish. I may be loooking down that avenue going into year 3

    If you had one last game to play in the OMFL, who would you want to play against?

    Jeremy: Well, i lost 2 games last year. One to coach claven and one to coach moogle. I got my revenge on Coach claven in week 1 and I now have my sights set on Coach Moogle..WHERE YA AT MOOGLE??

    Toughest thing about last season and getting to the OMFLBowl?

    Jeremy: Well..Just dealing with all the respect or lack there-of that my Vikings recieved last year. Nobody but me believed I had the team to beat. But it fueled my fire and boy did I prove them wrong.!!

    Ok, at the end of each show I like to wrap up with a little word association. Tell me the first word or phrase that comes to mind when i say...

    Jeremy: TRIUMPH


    Jeremy: Beasts

    ...Season II

    Jeremy: Steelers

    ...run or pass

    Jeremy: pass

    ...man or zone

    Jeremy: zone


    Jeremy: BEST

    Coach Jeremy you are officially off the OMFL Hot Seat.

    Jeremy: Had a blast

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