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National Championship Post-Game Interview with Both Coaches

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by yankeery25, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Jul 31, 2010
    South Florida Sun Sentinel
    Q&A with the National Championship Game Coaches

    Interview with fuzzyl0gic:
    Q: You came all this way with this group of boys that you love, only to fall short. How does it feel to get this close?

    A: You know, there really aren't a set of words to describe the feeling, other than total disappointment. We can't get too down on ourselves though, not after all we fought for this year. We have been knocking at the door of the National Title the past few seasons, and I don't think that is going to change. This is a team that will never stop fighting.

    Q: Any words for broth262? What did you say to him as you shook hands at midfield?

    A: Nothing, other than his team knows when to make big plays. As he has mentioned, there are a lot of older guys and leaders on his team. It really showed in them pulling out the win.

    Q: Did you notice any personnel weaknesses on the Washington side that you wish you keyed in on more?

    A: They have a very balanced attack, and other than a few missed pick oppurtunities, they played a solid game. More runs up the middle might have been effective in controlling the clock a bit more.

    Q: What exactly was your gameplan?

    A: We usually like to run a very balanced attack that controls the clock, and aggressive defense. We couldn't seem to get much of a consistent run game with our backup HB so were forced to pass a lot. Edwards had a great day on that front, except for 1 pick. We should have chewed the clock more in the 4th.

    Q: Who was your player of the game (from either side)?

    A: With out a doubt, the player of the game has to go to Washington's D. Cooper, who had 153 yards on 26 attempts and 3 TDs. He was the difference maker, converting many tough first downs.

    Q: What did you feel was the turning point in the game?

    A: When Rutgers finally managed to secure a 28-20 lead in the 4th, N. Montana of Washington broke a huge 57 yard TD run on an option keeper. It was heart breaking because the defense was ready for it, but the safety Palmer took a bad angle on the QB (trying to kill him) and Montana scooted right by into clear space. The Scarlet Knights could never regain momentum after that play.

    Q: Which seniors are you most sad to see go?

    A: Marcus Thompson will be leaving us, and he done a lot for this team over the past few seasons in the backfield. WR JJ Tartacoff is a fan favorite that really matured into an amazing talent at receiver, and will surely be an asset in the NFL. On the defensive side, MLB Jeremy Deering, DT Kenneth Kirksey, and CB/FS Rashad Knight will all be graduating, and will be sorely missed. All these guys have played their hearts out, and will be moving on to bigger and better things.

    Q: Who is someone from your incoming recruiting class that will be stepping in as an immediate starter that you feel can have the biggest impact? Who can have the largest longterm impact?

    A: Fabian Williams, the 6'6" :5stars: T will probably have an immediate impact on the offensive line, as we will be thin at T next year. He has all the atributes of a starter. Joe Nichols, a :4stars: WR has also shown a lot of starting potential, and the WR starting line-up is a mystrey at this point for next season. Other than that, we most of our recruits will get redshirts behind Junior and Senior starters.

    Q: Be honest, do you feel a National Championship title coming to Rutgers next year?

    A: I think we have a shot, but we are only going to focus on one game at a time. That philosophy is what got us so far this year. Every week, we will give it all we got.

    Interview with National Champion Coach broth262:

    Q: So, you have reached the summit. National champions. How does it feel?

    A: The feeling is surreal. This team worked hard this season and in the spring and summer to make it this far. It's tough when all of that hard work doesn't pay off but this time it did. It's great to be able to say your the best.

    Q: Any words for fuzzyl0gic? What did you say to him as you shook hands at midfield?

    A: The Brooklyn Dodgers had a saying, "There's always next year." We met shook hands and said good game. I could tell he was devastated. i told him it was a helluva game, and that his team is probably the frontrunner for next year. He has alot of young talent.

    Q: Did you notice any personnel weaknesses on the Rutgers side?

    A: Their ability to hold onto the ball hurt them as well as a couple of overthrows. We had some picks that we dropped, and some fumbles we didn't recover. If those bounce our way, the score could have been a little lobsided.

    Q: What exactly was your gameplan?

    A: Run run and run some more. No just kidding. We knew we could have sucess on the ground cause we have all season. We just wanted to play our game, control the ball and force them to give it up.

    Q: Who was your player of the game?

    A: Well that is a tough one. You have Deontae Cooper who has carried this team all season, and he even scored 3 TD's. But Nick Montana had that great run to keep us in the game and he had some nice passes that kept us going. He really captained this offense and team.

    Q: What did you feel was the turning point in the game?

    A: Well the game was close the whole way, but the run by Montana on that 4th down to tie it up was just huge. It was the play of the season by far.

    Q: Which seniors are you most sad to see go?

    A: Which, well its tough to pick out a couple seeing how I think 19 of our 22 starters are seniors, but I think notably Montanat and Cooper on offense and Williams and Kearse on defense. Those kids are specila and will look good on sundays.

    Q: Who is someone from your incoming recruiting class that will be stepping in as an immediate starter that you feel can bring the program back for a repeat?

    A: You know that is a tough question. It really is hard to compare these guys to eachother. They are all playing against different types of competition. But when we get them all into camp, I'd feel more comfortable making that statement. But they all have a chance to see the field, this team is losing alot of talent and there are alot of jobs up for grabs.

    Q: Be honest, do you feel a National Championship title coming to Washington again next year?

    A: Haha. Thats a toughy. There are alot of great teams out there, and we lose alot. When you've got teams out there like Rutgers, Michigan State, Southern Cal. Not to mention being in a conference like the Pac 10, repeating is such a hard thing to do. But are we gonna try? Absolutely. Will it be one of our golas at the start of the season? Definitely. We are a team next year with alot to prove. The chance to repeat is not something that happens everyday, so we should take advantage of it. Only a handful of teams ever have done it, so that would be special.

    ------------------------------------------------------------by Ryan Leyendev--------------------------------------------------------------

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