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National League Playoff Watch

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by PAgamer07, May 11, 2012.

  1. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009
    Time to take a look at the National League playoff picture as we approach mid August.

    NL East


    Runs Scored: 3rd in NL
    Runs Allowed: 3rd in NL
    Stat to Watch: 8th in NL Bullpen ERA


    I was really surprised how good this offense is, and the fact that they are near the top in nearly every offensive category was impressive. They lost Michael Bourn earlier in the year, but haven't missed a beat. This lineup is one of the toughest in the National League with 5 guys with double digit HR. Jason Heyward has returned to form, and is on his way to a 20/20 season. They added a new leadoff hitter in rookie Starling Marte. It will be interesting to see how long he stays up here as right now he has a sub .300 OBP on the year. It doesn't really matter because top to bottom this is a good lineup.

    On the pitching front, SP Mike Minor is having a career year. Currently he is 11-0 in 14 starts with a 2.32 ERA. The rest of the rotation is rock solid, and all of these guys are pitching well. This is definitely one of, if not the best rotation in the National League. The bullpen is ok in the key spots, but a little rough around the edges in the middle relief roles. CL Craig Kimbrel has to be a concern for the Braves manager as he has a pretty high WHIP on the season for your closer and has allowed 40 hits in 46 innings.

    Like mentioned above, the team added another bat at the trade deadline to try to take over for Michael Bourn. The offense is fantastic, and even has solid depth on the bench. Although the pen has some question marks, it's nothing I would concern myself with. Kimbrell is probably the biggest question on the whole team. This team is a lock to win the NL East., but I worry if given the opportunity to close games, he can get it done.

    NL Central


    Runs Scored: 7th in NL
    Runs Allowed: 2nd in NL
    Stat to Watch: 10th in NL in slugging %


    The Cardinals are struggling to score runs, and losing Pujols has to be a big blow here. Matt Holiday and David Freese are both having poor seasons, and if not for Lance Berkman. Berkman is on pace for 30+ HR and 100 RBI and has really stepped up. He needs some help though and will get that soon with Carlos Beltran coming off the DL.

    Their rotation has been very good this year and Kyle Lohse is finally putting together a complete season. On the year, he leads the Cardinals with 13 wins with a 2.36 ERA. Adam Wainright has been very good as well, although hasnt gotten as much run support as he would have liked. The bullpen is decent enough, but not dominant and is the reason for a handful of the team's losses. Although.. if you can get to Jason Motte with the lead? It's game over. He has been fantastic all season with an ERA and WHIP under 1.00

    St. Louis has the pitching to hold down the better offenses in the league, but being able to score runs may be a problem for them down the stretch. They are relying on guys with injury issues in Holiday, Berkman and Beltran. If they can stay healthy, it's possible they can repeat. Oh yeah.. they just added Alfonso Soriano from waivers. Hopefully he isn't a disappointment for them.

    NL West:


    Runs Scored: 1st in NL
    Runs Allowed: 16th in NL
    Stat to Watch: Every single pitching statistic

    I'm going to mix this one up and talk about the pitching first. Geez is it bad. They are last or nearly last in every single pitching category. Why they didn't add an arm by the trade deadline is beyond me. They have plenty of hitting to trade away. Their "ace" is Jeremy Guthrie. He has 10 wins, with a 5.07 ERA and 1.52 WHIP. They tried to stabalize their rotation by calling up Drew Pomeranz early, but he has been a disappointment as well. The bullpen is a mess as well and outside of their closer, I can't find a decent stopgap in the pen either. CL Rafael Betancourt has earned every save he's gotten. And he has 31 on the year.

    The offense on the other hand is excellent. They are 1st in nearly every relevant category and have balance up and down the lineup. Carlos Gonzalez is a favorite for NL MVP this year. He is hitting .323 with 31 HR 95 RBI and 92 Runs scored. It's possible he can even win the triple crown. Marco Scutaro was a huge pickup for this team in the offseason and him and Dexter Fowler are the guys setting the table in this lineup.

    The Rockies have led the NL West for most of the season, and although they are starting to slow down, I see no reason for them to not win the division. They really, really need someone to step up in this rotation though. If they don't, it will be a quick playoff exit.

    NL Wildcard Race


    The divisions are all but locked up and unlike the American League, all of the action will be fighting for Wild Card positioning. San Francisco has been the most interesting. They just leapfrogged San Diego in the West, and it's possible they can still win the division, but they need to get their new additions to gell. They have certainly been the most active in terms of addressing needs and have added Chris Young and Neal Walker. Two legitimate hitters who help them immensely. Their rotation are as good as any in baseball, and even Barry Zito has contributed.


    The Miami Marlins are also starting to catch their stride since the addition of their new GM. They are tied for 1st in the wildcard chase and really have the talent to lock one of the two spots up. Although Hanley has had a bad season, Stanton has been a beast this year. Jose Reyes leads the NL in steals (although hitting 2nd) and Logan Morrison is having a great year. They have a solid rotation, and a great back end of the bullpen. My big worry for this team is injuries. They do not have much depth, and an injury down the stretch could cost them.


    The Brewers have been quiet this year, but are also tied for the wildcard lead. The top 2 of their rotation is as good as any in baseball with Yovanni Gallardo and Zack Grienke both on pace for 20 wins. The offense, even with the loss of Prince Fielder has been very surprising. 6 players have double digit homeruns. The bullpen is a huge question mark. They have 3 solid pen guys, but they would probably feel more comfortable with 1 or 2 more. This team did not make a single move at the deadline, and it's possible it could cost them.


    Somehow, someway the New York Mets are also hanging around fighting for a playoff spot. They have been through some injuries to some key players in C Josh Thole and SP R.A. Dickey. And now, will lose OF Jason Bay for the remainder of the season. Surprisingly they are 4th in runs scored and 5th in runs allowed in the National League. Andres Torres and Daniel Murphy have both played exceptionally well this year, and are really big reasons why this team is winning.

    NLWildcard Teams: San Francisco, Milwaukee
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  2. JohnnyClutch

    JohnnyClutch They only hear my truth

    Mar 11, 2010
    If we get another major injury I'm not going to invite you up to Pittsburgh next time I'm there. :p

    Great write up though. Really like what you have provided to this league as well as being the commissioner. Maybe I'll catch the creativity bug soon and get something up here but I've been kind of not writing/thinking of cool stuff since Redshirts has been down which is a bummer.
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