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NCAA 12 - 2018 WK 1

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Hellisan, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    No Place Like Home

    No team looks forward to trying to knock off Ole Miss at home.

    Welcome to Week 1!

    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== #7 Georgia Bulldogs (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Bulldogs travel to Atlanta to face the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (0-0).

    =============== #1 Utah Utes (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Utes will host #20 Tennessee (0-0).

    =============== #8 Michigan Wolverines (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Wolverines travel to Orlando to face the UCF Knights (0-0).

    =============== #6 Mississippi State Bulldogs (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Bulldogs travel to Hattiesburg to face the Southern Miss Golden Eagles (0-0).

    =============== #19 Nebraska Cornhuskers (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Cornhuskers will host Marshall (0-0).

    =============== #24 Ohio State Buckeyes (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Buckeyes travel to Laramie to face the Wyoming Cowboys (0-0).

    =============== #2 Ole Miss Rebels (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Rebels travel to Troy to face the Troy Trojans (0-0).

    =============== #3 Penn State Nittany Lions (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Nittany Lions will host #12 Oregon State (0-0).

    =============== #4 Stanford Cardinal (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Cardinal are idle.

    =============== #20 Tennessee Volunteers (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Volunteers travel to Salt Lake City to face the #1 Utah Utes (0-0).

    =============== #14 Arizona State Sun Devils (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Sun Devils travel to San Diego to face the San Diego State Aztecs (0-0).

    =============== #12 Oregon State Beavers (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Beavers travel to University Park to face the #3 Penn State Nittany Lions (0-0).
  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    BDSDIGITAL - For some reason you forgot to recruit, or it didn't stick, or something. I won't be home until late tomorrow so I logged in and did it for you, using primarily the guys you already had on the board. Some of the guys that were there that had you 8th/9th/10th I took off in favor of guys you had a shot at, I couldn't tell if you had added those guys or what. You did insta-sign the #5 guard...
  3. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Guys... I screwed the pooch. Advance won't be for about 2 hours... I promised the wife I'd take her out to breakfast. Forgot i hadn't done recruiting. Jumped on to just advance us and I still got that to do, with a ton of changes to make to my board (disastrous first week... i've been dreading facing the reality of how bad it was)... I will advance at approximately 4 PM EST.

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