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NCAA 12 Syracuse: Return of the Orange Men

Discussion in 'NCAA Football' started by Brandon S., Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    The Daily Orange: The Revival of Syracuse Football

    December 29, 2004

    Paul Pasqualoni, closing his 14th consecutive year as Head Coach of Syracuse Football, is awoken by the rings of a telephone that lie on his nightstand a foot or two away from his bed.

    "Hello?" Pasqualoni answers.
    "Good morning Coach Pasqualoni."

    Pasqualoni recognized the voice, it was the just-hired Athletic Director of Syracuse University, Daryl Gross.

    "Good morning Mr. Gross, how may I help you?"
    "It saddens me to tell you that I am calling to inform you that your tenure as Head Coach of Syracuse football is over. We've decided that it is in the best interest of the program to restructure the personnel. I want to thank you for your tenure and success as Head Coach and I hope you find employment elsewhere and I wish you the best of luck."

    As Pasqualoni opened his mouth to reply, he heard the click as Gross hung up.

    Little did Daryl Gross know, he would make a huge mistake by hiring Greg Robinson; who would become the worst coach in Syracuse football history.
    Following the departure of Paul Pasqualoni, Syracuse football plummetted to a 117-year history worst 1-10 record. Greg Robinson continued to drive the program into the ground by losing 27 of the next 36 games. Syracuse never won more than 4 games in one season under Robinson, and only 10 in a total of 4 years.
    Doug Marrone was the next coach in line, and he turned the Orange into a competing football team once again. In only his second year as coach, he led the Orange to a 8-5 record including the first bowl victory since 2001, winning 36-34 in the first Pinstripe Bowl ever. However his success was short lived and he was forced into retirement due to family reasons.
    With a vacant Head Coach position, Daryl Gross continues his search for someone to maintain the success of Coach Marrone.

    January 28, 2011

    A blue toyota pulls into the visitor's parking lot of Syracuse University. A young, thin man with dark brown hair steps out of the truck, and fights through the snow as he heads towards the office of Athletic Director Daryl Gross. As he enters the university, he is greeted by Daryl Gross himself.

    "Hello Mr. Gross, I'm Brandon Sams, pleasure to meet you." Sams says while extending his hand for a respectful handshake.
    Gross replies, "Ah, Mr. Sams, nice to meet you as well. Please, lets head to my office."

    The two head through a pair of double-doors and up a flight of stairs into the Athletic Director's office on the second floor.

    "Please, have a seat." says Gross as he motions towards his desk.
    "So it's to my understanding that, you have never held the position of Head Coach at any college?"
    "That's correct, sir."
    "That's to be expected considering your age. Well let me begin with asking a few questions. If you were to become Head Coach of Syracuse football, what would you're first action be as Head Coach?"
    "The very first thing I would do is issue a team meeting, and familiar myself with the players and personnel. I would eliminate the losing attitude, and make it very clear, I'm here to win."Sams replies almost immediately.
    "Interesting. What do you think the main priority of every student-athlete should be?"
    "Well the main priority of every student, athlete or not, should be education. There is life after sports, and an education is the key to success, its the most important thing."

    Gross nods his head in approval and continues his questioning, "Tell me this Mr. Sams, why do you want this position?"
    Sams answers without hesitation, "My family is from Syracuse. I grew up watching the team, through success and failure. I watched us lose 51-0 to Purdue and i watched us beat Boston College 43-17 before they left to the ACC. I love football and I love Syracuse, it's always been my dream to have the opportunity to coach the Orange."
    Gross responds, "So far, I like what I hear. One last question, why do you think you should have the job?"
    Sams smiles, holds back a laugh, and answers, "Because I bleed orange. I love Syracuse, the city, the university, athletic program, its home to me. There isn't a person on Earth that will give more effort to changing this historic program back to the powerhouse it used to be. I will find a way to win."
    Gross chuckles and shakes Sams' hand one more time.
    "That's good to know. Well Mr. Sams, it was a pleasure meeting you."
    "Hope to keep in touch." Sams replies with a smile and exits the office.

    January 29, 2011

    Brandon Sams sits on his lay-z-boy couch watching ESPN when he hears his phone ring.
    "Hello?" Sams answers.
    "Hello, Mr. Sams? It's Daryl Gross, I was impressed with your interview and I just wanted to ask you one more question."
    "Yes, of course, what is it?"
    "Are you ready to lead the Orange to stardom? How does Coach Sams sound to you?"
    Sams laughs and replies, "Of course sir, it sounds great."
    "Well come down to my office and we'll discuss your contract."
    "Thank you sir, I'll see you soon."
  2. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    Sams throws an old "Syracuse Football" sweatshirt from his college days on with a pair of Levi jeans and drives to Gross' office. Upon entering, he's greeted with a smile and a contract with several goals written.

    "Morning Mr. Sams, there are just a few guidelines I'd like to discuss with you before we make this official." says Daryl Gross.

    "Lets hear them." replies Sams.

    "Over the course of two years, the contract details include the following: Win a bowl game, win eight games in one season, make it to a bowl game, beat a rival opponent, win six games in one season, finish 5th or higher in the conference in one season, win 50% of our games vs Top 25 teams in one season, achieve a grade of B or higher on 10 campus visits each season, finish each season ranked in the BCS Top 75, sign five 3-star or higher prospects in one regular season, sign ten top 500 prospects each regular season, and win at least 4 games in one season. Failure to meet any of these goals will hinder your job security. Now, if you're willing to accept these terms, please sign here."

    Brandon Sams nods his head, picks up the pen handed to him by Mr. Gross, and signs on the dotted line, officially becoming Coach Sams of Syracuse University.



    8 Minute Quarters
    Game Speed: Normal
    Speed Threshold: 43
    Injuries: OFF Due to a bug that causes far too many players to suffer injuries in which they are knocked out of the game, most of the time, but the injury rate is far too high and a lot of people have turned injuries off for the time being because there are no sliders to adjust this.

    Using SECElite's All-American Sliders http://www.operationsports.com/foru...lites-2012-all-american-slider-set-enjoy.html Will edit if need be.

    Using OS Community Rosters from Ccaarrssonn3 locker. I chose these over FK's rosters because I think they are the most accurate Syracuse roster.

    Edited the Schedule to make the strength higher, added in Buffalo and Boston College because they are Rivalries. Schedule Strength went from C to a B by taking out FCS, Tulane, and Wake Forest and replacing with Arizona St, Virginia Tech, Buffalo, and Boston College



  3. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    August 27, 2011 1:42 A.M.

    Coach Sams sits at a desk in his apartment in Syracuse, New York. A Mocha Frappuccino with three shots of expresso from Starbucks lies next to his left hand, a pencil in his right hand, and a piece of paper labeled "Depth Chart" resides on the desk.

    Sams mutters under his breath, "Nassib at QB, his senior year, he'll be good. Bailey deserves a shot at the starting job for his senior year at tailback, he shared time with Delone Carter last year. Adam Harris at Fullback, that's easy. Chew will be #1 receiver, but who will follow behind him?"

    Sweat falls from Sams forehead onto the paper. He pulls his cell phone from his pocket and calls Assistant Head Coach John Anselmo.

    "Sams, what the hell are you doing calling me at this time of night?!" answers Anselmo with a raspy voice.

    "Sorry coach but i have to figure out the depth chart. Opening day is in one week and I can't figure out who we want on the field for that first snap!" replies Sams.

    "You can't possibly expect me to help you right now, you just woke me up! We'll discuss this in the morning."

    Sams slams his fist on the table, "I have to figure this out now, its driving me insane. Start Sales at the 2 spot and Lemon in the Slot or vice versa?!"

    Anselmo responds, "Sales had an amazing game in the Pinstripes Bowl last year, give him a shot at the 2, besides Lemon is much faster. Good night Coach."

    Sams begins to reply but the call had already ended.

    Several Hours Later

    Coach Sams lays down a sheet of paper covered in pencil marks consisting of scratched out names. The paper reads:

    Depth Chart

    QB: Ryan Nassib
    HB: Antwon Bailey, Prince Tyson Gully
    FB: Adam Harris
    WR: Van Chew, Marcus Sales, Alec Lemon, Dorian Graham, Jarrod West
    TE: Nick Provo, Beckett Wales
    LT: Justin Pugh, Austin Lane
    LG: Zach Chibane, Austin Lane
    C: Ian Allport, Jarel Lowery
    RG: Andrew Tiller, Jarel Lowery
    RT: Michael Hay, Austin Lane
    LE: Mikhail Marinovich, Micah Robinson
    RE: Chandler Jones
    DT: Jay Bromley, Cory Boatman, Deon Goggins
    LOLB: Dan Vaughan, Dyshawn Davis
    MLB: Marquis Spruill, Siriki Diabate, Femi Aliyu
    ROLB: Dyshawn Davis, Dom Anene
    CB: Kevyn Scott, Keon Lyn, Rishard Anderson, Orlando Fisher, Ritchy Desir
    FS: Phillip Thomas, Orlando Fisher
    SS: Shamarko Thomas, Orlando Fisher
    K: Ross Krautman
    P: Ryan Lichtenstein
    KR: Prince Tyson Gully
    PR: Prince Tyson Gully
  4. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    September 2, 2011

    Coach Sams sits in his apartment, with an iced coffee from Starbucks by his side, studying game film of Boise States' upset win against the Hokies last season. After hours of pausing and rewinding, Sams stops the tape, closes his notebook, and calls Assistant Coach John Anselmo.​

    "Afternoon Coach, what can I do for ya?" answers Anselmo.​
    "Hey i was just going over the VT and Boise St game from last year, I know what the gameplan is for tomorrow." replies Sams​
    "Yeah I watched that tape the other night, what are you thinking?"​
    "Well, last year the Hokies gave up alot of yards on only a few rushes. The Broncos didn't capitalize on the advantage they had on the ground. I'm thinking we give Bailey the ball and let the kid show us what he can do. Pound the ball down their throats and let Nassib throw it deep off of play action."​
    "I'm not questioning you, but VT's line is much bigger than our front five, our ground game might not be enough to anchor the offense."​
    "I know. If its ineffective we lose, and that's fine. That means we lost to a team that was physically stronger and more talented than us. The thing is, I run a predominantly ground based offense centered around our tailbacks, and I believe we have the personnel here to run an effective scheme. We have a strong group of young men starting on offense, let the game be won in the trenches. Besides, Nassib is a bowl-winning QB, I would say that's one hell of a second option if the running game falters."​
    "Sounds like you've put a lot of time and thought into this, Coach. Syracuse football is in good hands now. I'll see you tomorrow Sams."​
    "Thanks for listening, see you soon."​

    September 3, 2011. Gameday.

    The coaching staff meets in Coach Sams' Office while the players change into uniform before the game.​

    "Coach Anselmo and I discussed last night how we're going to approach this game. We decided on giving the ball to Bailey, and see what he can do against one of the better defenses in the NCAA. Does anyone feel like they have a more efficient strategy?" announces Sams.​

    The Wide Receivers Coach, Rob Moore, interrupts, "We have three Wide Receivers that had great seasons last year, they are bigger and stronger than the Hokies' secondary. Give them the ball and see what they can do!"​

    Sams counters, "Syracuse football was founded on the philosophy of a dominant ground game. #44 was never given to a Quarterback or Wide Receiver. If we are going to win, we are going to win by running."​

    Anselmo interrupts the two, "Coach Sams has spent a lot of time planning for this game. He calls the shots now, and if he wants a run oriented offense that's what he will get. Have some faith."​

    Sams nods his head towards Anselmo. The coaches stand in the silent room for several moments before the position coaches exit the room, one after another. Anselmo remains in the office with Sams.​
    Coach Sams sits at his desk, scrambling through the offensive playbook. Sweat is already dripping from his forehead.​

    Anselmo heads for the door, stops, and says, "Calm down man, you're getting worked up over a game against a team that lost to James Madison last year. We will be fine. When you're ready, the players are waiting on you in the locker room."​

    Sams was left in his office alone. He had never given a pregame speech. Still sitting, he quickly tries to write a speech. He scribbles a paragraph down on a piece of paper, but scratches it out. He thinks,​

    "Should I keep it short? Long? Emotional? Macho? What if I try being serious and they laugh? Will I motivate them?"​

    Anselmo knocks on the door, signals for Sams to hurry out and speak to the team before the game starts. Sams stumbles out from his chair, regains his composure and walks out of his office, into the locker room where the players and staff wait restlessly. He smiles, and tries to speak, but he's at a loss of words. So many thoughts going through his head, he has no idea what to tell his team. He quickly recalls a quote of Vince Lombardi, from a book he read several years ago.​

    Word for word, Sams recites, " Gentlemen, we are going to relentlessly chase perfection. However, perfection is not attainable. But in the process of chasing perfection, we will catch excellence." The room was silent, all eyes on Sams. He was finished, but the silence forced him to speak again.​
    "Now, lets go kick some Hokie ass!"​

    With those words, the team cheered, the coaches laughed, and the players exited the locker room onto the field for pregame warm-ups.​

    Anselmo meets Sams on the way to the field, laughs, pats him on the back and says,"What the hell was that?"​

    Sams smiles, "Hell if I know!"​




  5. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Hell of an opening, well done man
  6. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    Nice win! Big Orange fan - about to start my own offline dynasty with them...
  7. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    Edited last post, will post game recap later tonight if i have the time.
  8. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    Sams pulls Antwon Bailey over towards the sidelines, "This is your game to lose today. We are going to give you the ball and see what you can make happen."​

    Bailey nods his head, "Thanks for the opportunity coach, glad you have faith in me." Sams pats Bailey's back, nudging him towards the center of the field for the coin toss.​

    Bailey is greeted by Senior Quarterback Ryan Nassib and several referees. The referee reveals the coin to the captains of the Orange and the Hokies.​

    "Heads" a referee indicates the heads side of the coin.​
    "Tails." he continues to show the tails side. "Syracuse, name your side during the toss."​

    The referee flips the coin high in the air, Antwon Bailey yells, "Heads!" He looks over at Ryan Nassib, "You bet with your head, not your tail. Remember that!"​

    The referee catches the coin and announces, "The call is heads. Syracuse please select to kick or receive the ball." Bailey answers, "Kick." The players return to their respected sidelines.​

    The Hokies return the ball to the 23 yard line, an average return at best.​

    Coach Sams patrols the sidelines, "Special teams is looking good."​
    Assistant Coach John Anselmo responds, "They look fit. Its clear they are in much better shape than last year, everyone is much more slim and athletic."​

    The defense stuffs the run on the first play of the game, as Marquis Spruill tackles David Wilson in the backfield.​

    Spruill yells to the huddle, " That's what I'm talking about! Push 'em around like rag dolls!"​

    The defense forces a 3 and out and the Hokies punt the ball.​

    The first play of the game, Nassib hands the ball to Bailey who runs the ball for 8 yards.​

    Sams discusses with Anselmo, "The line looks strong, might have to switch things up on the right side but overall, very good."​

    The drive ended with Antwon Bailey crossing the pylons for 6 points. Syracuse leads 7-0 several minutes into the game.​

    Virginia Tech begins their second series with a 10 yard completion, but fail to pick up another first down and their 2nd drive results in another punt.​

    Antwon Bailey slashes through the Hokies defense for another touchdown, and the Orange lead 14-0 to end the 1st Quarter.​

    The 2nd quarter begins with the Hokies scoring a touchdown immediately following Syracuse's scoring drive. The Orange lead 14-7 halfway through the 2nd Quarter.​

    Syracuse responds with a touchdown once again, this time off of play action as Nassib completes a 20 yard pass to Senior Wide Receiver Van Chew. The score is 21-7, Orange.​

    The Hokies throw for a touchdown then intercept a pass by Ryan Nassib and return it for a touchdown to even the score at 21-21 going into halftime.​

    In the 3rd Quarter Bailey scores two touchdowns to push the Orange to a 35-21 lead and Syracuse's defense shuts down the Hokies offense, bringing the score to 35-21 entering the 4th quarter.​

    Logan Thomas throws for 2 touchdowns and ties the game with less than 2 minutes, but Nassib and Bailey power the offense down the field to set up Ross Krautman for a 40 yard field goal. Nassib approaches Krautman before the special teams sets up on the field, "You got this man, all day, give us 3 and send us home!"​

    The crowd is screaming as Krautman sets up for the kick, the ball is snapped, and Krautman kicks the ball through the uprights. The crowd is silenced, Coach Sams runs out on the field, being the first to throw Krautman on his shoulders. The entire team and staff follows Sams in celebration.​


  9. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    The Orange exit the locker room after celebrating a big win over Virginia Tech, only to be met by a swarm of reporters. Camera flashes blind the players, and they are attacked with millions of questions as they exit the facility.
    “How does it feel to beat a ranked team for the first time in several years?” a reporter questions.
    “What do you have to say about setting a school record for rushing yards in a single game?” asks another.
    “Can you repeat this performance next week?”
    “What does it feel like to have your first win as a Head Coach?”
    “How do you think the team will perform against Arizona State next week?” the reporters question, but fail to receive answers.
    Sams and the Orange head home after a big win, but a few players feel the need to celebrate and head to the New York State Fair.
    “Hey, trying to knock back a few drinks with me?” Antwon Bailey says to Ryan Nassib
    “Hell Yeah man, I’ve got to get one of those wine slushies before I leave this place though!” Nassib answers, heading towards a nearby Sangria stand.
    Antwon Bailey and a few offensive linemen, Michael Hay, Zach Chibane and Ian Allport, buy a few beers and head towards Chevy court to watch a Rascal Flats concert. The four meet up with Ryan Nassib in Chevy court and continue to drink while listening to Rascal Flats. Several hours later, Chibane decides to leave.
    “Guys, I’m going to head home before it gets too late. I’m exhausted, I’m not trying to stay out all night.” Chibane says to his friends.
    “Hey man do what you got to do, I’m staying out here for a little longer.” Nassib replies.
    “I’m gonna hang out here with Ryan, man. I’ll see ya.” Bailey answers
    “Yeah I’ll be out here for awhile too.” Michael Hay replies, Ian Allport just waves and downs a few more beers. It’s almost midnight and Chibane starts up his car, and leaves the parking lot. Deciding to avoid traffic from the fair, he takes a backroad home. While speeding around a turn, he loses control of his vehicle and spirals into a tree.
    Coach Sams gets a phone call from the hospital around 5 a.m. that night.
    “Hello?” Sams answers, surprisingly.
    “Coach Sams of Syracuse Football?”
    “Sorry to wake you, I’m calling from Crouse Hospital, we have one of your players here. Zach Chibane was in an accident earlier this morning, he suffered minor head and chest injuries but is in stable condition. He’ll be ok.”
    “What the hell! What room is he in?!”
    “Room 240 on the 2nd floor. His family is with him now, along with a few of his teammates. Hospital rules only permits one visitor besides immediate family at a time.”
    “I’m on my way.”
    Sams hangs up and drives to Crouse Hospital. Upon entering the building, he is greeted by Nassib, Bailey, Allport, and Hay.
    “Coach! What are you doing here?!” Bailey yells from across the lobby.
    “What the hell were ya’ll up to?!” Sams screams while making his way across the lobby.
    “We were just having some fun at the fair, he left early to get some sleep and next thing we know we are getting a call from his parents.” Bailey replies.
    “I’m going up to see him.” Sams says as he walks towards the elevator. He takes the elevator to the 2nd floor and heads for room 240, only to walk in and see Chibane sleeping in the hospital bed.
    “Coach Sams I’m guessing?” Ms. Chibane questions.
    “Yes, I’m sorry for what’s happened here. I should have made sure everyone went to their dorms. I should have been on top of things.”
    “You don’t have to apologize to me, we understand. He’s an adult; he can make his own decisions. The road he crashed on has many sharp turns, I knew many people that died on that road. Thankfully, Zach will be ok. The doctors say he can go home in a few days, they want to keep him here to run a few tests and make sure he is fine.”
    Sams sits and chats with Ms. Chibane for several hours, then leaves the hospital and returns home.

    September 10, 2011

    Sams speaks to his team in the locker room before the Arizona State game.
    “We are playing without Chibane today. He’s being released from the hospital this week and will be ready to play for the Buffalo game. He’ll be watching us today, so let’s give him one hell of a show and start this season off 2-0!”
    Syracuse kicks the ball to begin the game. Within minutes, ASU drives down the field and scores 6 points off of a 10 yard TD pass. Syracuse receives the ball and fails to pick up a single first down. Arizona State drives down the field again, scoring another touchdown off of a 14 yard pass. The 1st quarter ends with the score 14-0.
    The Orange receive the ball to begin the 2nd quarter, but Bailey gets shut down on his rushing attempts. Sams decides to air the ball out, and Nassib drives down the field and connects with Marcus Sales for a 15 yard touchdown. ASU leads 14-7.
    Both offenses are shut down for the remainder of the 1st half, however ASU returns a kickoff 70 yards with less than 30 seconds until halftime and kicks a 26 yd FG to take a 17-7 lead as time expires.
    Michael Hay grabs Nassib and Bailey as they head into the locker room for halftime.
    “We HAVE to win this game for Zach. He would kill to be out here with us right now, and we are playing like shit. Run the ball my way, I’ll block 3 guys if I have to. Antwon you better get your shit straight, we need you if we are going to stand a chance. And Ryan, if you don’t throw that ball like you did in the Pinstripe Bowl last season we aren’t going to stand a chance against this defense. Let’s get it together and kick some ass!”
    The players rest in the locker room while Coach Sams repeats what Hay says and tries to motivate the team. Halftime ends, and the team returns to the field. Syracuse receives the ball to begin the 3rd quarter.
    Nassib leads the Syracuse offense down field and Bailey caps the drive off with a 6 yard run. ASU leads 17-14. However, ASU returns the kickoff 102 yards for a touchdown and brings the score to 24-14. The offense is forced to punt after a short series and time is running out in the 3rd quarter. With the Orange trailing by 10 with less than 1 minute left in the game, the team morale is falling low.
    Just when the defense needed to make a big stop, Sophomore CB Keon Lyn intercepts a quick slant and returns it for a touchdown. Then, on the kick return, ASU fumbles the ball and Nassib immediately scores a touchdown with a 13 yard pass to TE Nick Provo. In a matter of 30 seconds, The Syracuse Orange score 14 points and lead the game 28-24 going into the 4th quarter. Both offenses remain stagnant in the final quarter and the Orange defense shuts down ASU’s offense. Time expires and the Orange win 28-24 and begin the season 2-0.
  10. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    September 17, 2011

    Coach Sams and the Syracuse Orange travel to Los Angeles to take on the 2-0 USC Trojans in their last road game before a four game home stretch.

    As Sams enters the stadium, he is questioned by reporters.

    "What is your gameplan against a top program such as USC?"
    "Will Zach Chibane be playing today?"
    "What are the chances of winning today?"

    Sams ignores the questions, and continues to the locker room for his pregame speech. The players wait anxiously for kickoff, but listen silently as Coach Sams begins to speak.

    "Today, we are facing our most difficult challenge so far this year. The Trojans are a very beatable team, but their offense is one of the most explosive ones out there. I don't know about you guys but I would love to kick Lane Kiffin and his dad's ass. Don't turn the ball over, block, tackle and this game is ours. Now go kick some ass."

    The game began with a 3 and out by the Orange offense after losing the toss and receiving the ball first. The very first possession for USC ended with a 19 yard touchdown run by HB Marc Tyler. After another Orange drive that ended in a punt, Marc Tyler and Matt Barkley drove down field and scored another touchdown, bringing the USC lead to 14-0. However, Syracuse showed signs of life with a 30 yard run by HB Bailey but the drive ended with a 35 yard field goal as time expired in the 1st quarter.

    The 2nd quarter was dominated by the Trojans. Senior QB Ryan Nassib threw 2 interceptions, while USC scored 3 touchdowns and took a 35-3 lead before Nassib connected with WR Van Chew for a 14 yard touchdown pass before halftime.

    Down 35-10, the Orange entered the locker room with their heads hanging low. It is the worst deficit the Orange have faced under Coach Sams. The locker room was dead silent, and there was nothing to be said.

    The game would end with a final score of 63-38, the first loss of Brandon Sams' career. Marc Tyler ran for 255 yards on 18 carrier with 4 touchdowns, while Matt Barkley threw 4 touchdowns as well. A new rivalry was formed.

    Sams took the booth for the routine post game interviews, in which he answered a series of questions in a short, frustrated tone.

    What changes are you going to make on defense following this 63 point outing by USC?
    "My play-calling will change, the players left it all out on the field today, i take responsibility for poor play calling."

    Nassib threw for 4 touchdowns and 476 yards, is this the beginning of a new offense in Syracuse?
    "He had a great game, but we will continue to play to our strengths on adjust to the opposing defense."

    How do you plan on preparing for next week's game vs Buffalo?
    That will be a tough rivalry game but we will work on stopping their no huddle, spread offense.

    Sams stepped away from the podium and continued towards the team bus.
  11. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    September 24, 2011

    The Syracuse Orange sit at 2-1 and take on the 1-2 Buffalo Bulls. Sams and the Orange captains had been studying film of the Bulls all week, and there was little concern heading into the game. Sams didn't need to make a pre-game speech, the team was already pumped up. After giving up 63 points last week, someone needed to pay, and Buffalo was unlucky victim.

    The game began with a punt by Buffalo, and a 9 yard touchdown pass from Nassib to WR Marcus Sales. On the next possession, Buffalo QB Chaz Anderson would throw an interception and Antwan Bailey would break a 56 yard run to bring the score to 14-0 entering the 2nd quarter.

    The Syracuse offense exploded for 17 points in the 2nd quarter, as the defense shutout the Bulls for 2nd consecutive quarter. Ryan Nassib connected with Van Chew for 2 touchdowns, off of a 38 yard pass and a 47 yard pass. The score at halftime was 31-0.

    The Orange would sub in their 2nd string players for the 2nd half and finish the game 44-7. Ryan Nassib completed 16 of 19 passes for 306 yards and 3 touchdowns while Antwan Bailey ran for 115 yards off of 18 carries, 2 of which were touchdowns. WR Van Chew finished with over 100 receiving yards for the 2nd consecutive game.

    Coach Sams was questioned following the big win

    What did the defense do differently to make such a big change in one week?
    We made plays. Simple as that. No missed tackles, and we didn't drop interceptions.

    How hard has it been to transition to a 3-4 defense?
    We struggled at first, but it showed today that we are learning the new system and are being productive.

    Next week is the beginning of conference play, how do you plan on preparing for Rutgers?
    Rutgers has a great football program, but we are obviously expecting to give them a hard fought game and start conference play 1-0.

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