NCAA '13 Demo Impressions

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    Jul 6, 2009
    I don't know if we did a thread for this and discussed the demo but DAMN! I just played this demo and it is fucking sweet. Some of the things that I found to be interesting or improved from last year's game was:

    • the studio updates from games during the week.
    • overall presentation before and during the game. the little animations that took place.
    • how the buttons only appear when the route is finished or supposed to be thrown to.
    • the tackling is much more improved. you have to absolutely be there to make the tackle.
    • the feel to the game is much smoother, the interactions by the dbacks/wide receivers and the lineman/linebackers.
    I must say, I cannot wait for this game and am too excited!
    What are your thoughts if you have played this demo?
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