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NCAA Football 2010 Features

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Pryor 2, May 12, 2009.

  1. Pryor 2

    Pryor 2 Guest

    NCAA Football 2010 Features

    You guys probably already know about most if not all of these features that I am about to post but here they are anyways....

    Known Features & Additions:

    * Procedural Awareness
    * Layered Blending
    * Improved WR/DB Interaction
    * QB Auto-Pass
    * Camera Flashes, Field Goal Nets, Wind Socks, & Swappable Bowl Endzones
    * Super Sim Updates
    * Custom Conferences
    * Gameplay Camera Presentation Updates
    * Depth of Field
    * Player Pursuit Angles
    * Player Lock & Defensive Assist
    * Dynasty First Look: Players Leaving bug fixed; Competitive Recruiting
    * Dynasty Mode Improvements: Recruits, scheduling, poll logic, CPU logic, progression.
    * Adaptive AI
    * Season Showdown - Season long NCAA Football 10 competition among college football fans.
    * Road to Glory - No details known; Noticed in menu screen of First Look at Dynasty Mode video
    * TeamBuilder - Create-a-School comes to next-gen.
    * Erin Andrews will join the broadcast team as a sideline reporter in the game and will be featured in a game mode that will be revealed at a later date.
    * Nine new stadiums added to game plus renovations & improvements to 21 other stadiums.
    * Offensive & Defensive Gameplan -
    * Band on field. - First noticed in IGN TeamBuilder video.
  2. MaxPayne2k

    MaxPayne2k Guest

    Can’t wait ill be rolling with my Texas team the new features look great hopefully in e3 they can show us more or maybe have online leagues. And fix the defense in the game as last season the DB’s would act up and play off the ball. But from what the looks of it they are looking to adjust that.


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