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ncaa playbooks website 2012

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WILL41, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. WILL41

    WILL41 Walk On

    Aug 10, 2011

    There is the link guys have fun,also remember this is still a work in progress.At this time we have all of the SEC,BIG12,And part of the PAC12,team playbooks done.Playbooks are being done daily so if a playbook inst done keep checking back.

    below is the list of where we are at

    Create A Custom Playbook
    By: NCSUholmey | August 7th 2011 - 4:34PM - [edit]

    Our CUSTOM section of the website is now functional to where you can create your own Custom Playbook to share with others. After logging in (create a FREE account if you wish to use this feature) you will click on the My Playbooks link to see all of your playbooks or to create a new one. If you wish to being creating a new playbook, click "+ New Playbook" to begin.

    You will then enter a name, description, playbook type (offense or defense), as well as the base playbook you wish to begin with. Your base playbook will then be loaded with all of the formations and plays for that team. You then have the opportunity to add or remove individual formations and plays to create the perfect playbook.

    Other logged in members will be able to browse playbooks created by members. You can also use this tool to create playbooks while away from your console and then simply create them when you get back to NCAA Football. We have a comments section on the main playbook page, as well as a link to download and print a paper copy of your custom playbook.

    We are still in the process of linking team playbooks, so certain playbooks will only populate formations when you use them as a base playbook.

    Welcome to Playbooks2012.com
    By: NCSUholmey | August 6th 2011 - 6:27PM - [edit]

    Our website is currently under construction. As functionality begins to come in, images will populate different areas of the site and the strings of text in those areas will switch over. We will continue to update and improve quality of searches in the near future. Please be patient until all areas gain proper functionality.

    Currently, we have completed the following:
    - Browse Offensive & Defensive Formations by Name (including all plays)
    - Browse Team Specific Playbooks (including only team specific plays)
    - Search Team Playbooks containing up to 5 user selected formations
    - Search Formations based on Personnel (RB, FB, TE, WR)
    - Search Plays by QB Location, Play Type, and Personnel
    - Printable Team Playbooks
    - Create Custom Offensive & Defensive Playbooks (Load Existing Default PB as base)

    In Developement
    - Share Custom Playbooks
    - User created Offensive & Defensive strategies using formations and/or plays
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