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NCAA Teambuilder -- Untapped Potential

Discussion in 'NCAA Football' started by Kasper, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    NCAA Teambuilder – Untapped Potential


    Before I start, understand I am aware that Teambuilder isn't the #1 feature of NCAA Football, this is nothing more than a list of ideas that would “refresh” the feature, along with my idea to add some replay value. Tracing Teambuilder back to it's roots will take you back a few years to NCAA Football 10, where the mode made it's debut both with the online web app and the integration to the console to allow users to download their new schools fresh off creation. Initially, this was viewed as a huge addition to the series; all things considered it really was. Out of the gate, I'm sure countless NCAA gamers imagined creating their high school team, or maybe they were a Miami fan and wanted to make an All Time Hurricanes team (truth be told, those two categories pretty much dominate the teambuilder website outside of real FCS teams). There are other ideas for Teambuilder as well; for example I had a little fun this last release with NCAA 13 making All Star teams for conferences- pitting Braxton Miller, Le'Veon Bell, and other Big Ten stars against Aaron Murray, Marcus Lattimore and those SEC defenders made for some fun games. There are a number of ideas that have been presented to spruce up Teambuilder, some of the better ones (in my opinion) are:
    • Import/export of rosters
    • ability to update uniforms in a current dynasty (the same uniforms after 10 years can get a little old)
    • stadium creator
    • more logos
    • more uniform “slots” (3rd option for pants) and an ability to add a retro uniform
    • ability to add uniform brands to make them look more authentic.

    Those ideas are great and will hopefully make their way in, but I want to turn the focus back to the aforementioned FCS teams- I really think this is the untapped resource within Teambuilder. Sure FCS teams are a big part of Teambuilder already, but there is a lot of potential lost in the transition from the website creation center to the actual game on the console (mainly due to the limitations on Teambuilder teams you can add). It's been a while since an NCAA title gave us in game FCS teams, but could you imagine the recently added coaching carousel feature with a full FCS and FBS in game “universe”. Climbing the ladder from Youngstown State and ending up at Ohio State could be a lot of fun for people that enjoy climbing the coaching ranks. Or maybe you want to try to get the Penguins to the FBS level- there are plenty of possibilities if FCS teams made a return.

    My idea on how to instantly add value to the NCAA Teambuilder tool is simple and would require a few simple adjustments made to the game on the console side:

    1. Do not limit the amount of teambuilder schools you can import into the game.
    2. Give us complete customization of conferences. Changing logos, conference names,everything.

    What could these simple additions mean? It would effectively create a completely new game if you could import an unlimited amount of teambuilder teams, as well as have the ability to fully customize / edit conferences. I have no doubt there would be enough support from the NCAA Football community to supply most, if not all of the FCS (or lower) teams. There are people that rename the entire roster for free, I'm sure there would be those that would happily reproduce their favorite school's team (along with realistic ratings and accurate rosters).

    EA certainly needs to revisit this valuable resource within NCAA Football. I would hate to see something like this take any further of a backseat (or possibly disappear altogether) before it even reaches what I feel is it's full potential.


    Thoughts and comments welcome!

    This is my first crack at breaking down some parts of NCAA, and I look forward to doing more pieces like this!
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  2. Raidernation

    Raidernation I can show you better than I can tell you

    Dec 11, 2010
    Preach !!!

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