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Ndcolts big board 11-20

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by NDCOLTS1979, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    11. Calvin Fletcher TE Nevada. 6'4 252lbs this guy is like a young a Tony Gonzalez. He will make the catches for you but lacks the blocking skills right now. There really isnt much available for TE in this draft which makes Fletcher an even better pick if you need a young TE. He will be a difference maker and help out where ever he goes.

    12. Dario Dickerson SS Rice. at 6'2 211lbs what you are getting from this guy is a bigger Bob Sanders who can stay healthy. He is by far the best SS in this draft and could possibly turn out to be the rookie defensive player of the year.

    13. Eluzies Wells HB USC. 5'11 209lbs he is just like him name states an elusive little burger. He will be a real good all around back and be part of your backfield for a long time. It has been confirmed he didn't take any extra benefits while being at USC so he is safe to draft drama free.

    14. Jatashun Kilgore WR Tenn. 6'2 219lbs really has a good frame to be your go to guy. He isnt a burner but probably one of the best all around wr in this years draft. Wr is pretty stocked but this guy is one of the few can't miss prospects

    15. Thomas Hayes HB Ole Miss. 5'11 219lbs is a burner. He averaged almost 7 yds a carry in college the only problem is he could never stay healthy at Ole Miss. Hasn't once completed a full season and thats the reason he is so low in the draft. He will get hurt in the NFL but how many games will he miss. He is a risky pick but has the skills to be a star. Make sure you have a backup

    16. Eric Lloyd DT Oregon. This draft is very talented at the DT position with the top 3 being top 20 picks. 6'4 304lbs and another strong Dt will help any defensive front. He gets his big butt moving with a very quick burst. He needs to work on his on field intelligence but will make a great DT.

    17. Shane Boals Qb N. Alabama. 6'1 221lbs he is a rather small qb but has the talent to be the #1 qb from this draft. He has all the tools to be a star but his problem and the reason why he didnt make it to a bigger school is his intelligence. He plays on instincts and instincts alone. Will make alot of bad reads but is very accurate and can be a star in the making.

    18. Detchauz Settle CB Eastern Oregon. 5'10 190lbs is a smaller cb but isnt afraid to make the big hit. His size and the amount of good quality cbs in the draft is what makes him so far down in the draft. This is just the wrong year to be a cb cause the draft is full of them.

    19. Jared Honeycutt FB Ohio. 6'1 261lbs will sadly be pushed back in the draft. He isnt one of the positions looked at but brings a blue collar hard hat wearing impact to the game. He comes off for the block players may wet themselves. He loves to knock guys around and can really make an impact to the running game.

    20. Octivous Hardy HB East Carolina. 5'11" 215lbs is a back who has a chance at greatness. Could be the steal of the draft or end up being a job coster. He had his great games at East Carolina but lacked vision and awareness.
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