Nebraska downs Stanford 37-27

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Nov 8, 2011.

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    This was a game that Coach Hotrod wanted badly for the national title last year. With one win away from getting to that game and needing Nebraska to do the same, his Cardinal came up short against heated rival Utah as the game was marred by a play coach HotRod called "bullshit" on.

    Either way Stanford came into this game with a lot to prove to the world and to Nebraska. Early on, it seemed like Nebraska would have its way, marching the ball down the field at will on Stanford but two big time turnovers put this to a 7-0 lead for Stanford. The 1st was a Lindsey INT and the 2nd was a Herron fumble in which he was 1 yard away from a touchdown but he coughed up the ball just short of the goalline.

    Yet Nebraska never deterred from the gameplan and that's to get their best athletes out there against Stanford's. QB Jeff Lindsey picked apart Stanford's defense for the whole game, amounting to 368yds and leading the Cornhuskers to short down and distance for the RB's to punch it in. Abdullah, Smith and Lindsey all had short TD runs on the game. Between an effective offensive gameplan and an early strong defensive effort for Nebraska, they controlled TOP, 23:10 to just 8:50 for Stanford.

    Yet down 31-14 in the 4th, Stanford kept fighting and went to the air. John Darby, star QB for the Cardinal threw 2 4th quarter TD's to bring Stanford to within 10 points. But all it was just a little stat padding as they came up short in the end. Darby hit the turf a lot, getting sacked 4 times, coughing it up twice as well.

    This was a big win for Nebraska as they improve to 2-0 as they go into their bye week. After that they have two big time user games, both away games at Mississippi State and Penn State.
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    Pathetic showing by Stanford in this one. I had nothing going most of the game and played like I didn't know what I was doing. Pretty disappointing to say the least, but credit goes to Mo, he grossly outplayed me.

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