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Nebraska: Last of the Unbeatens

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    NEBRASKA (AP)- Two weeks ago, there were 3 unbeaten teams atop of the Big 10, Ohio State, Penn State and Nebraska. Last week, Ohio State was upended by Penn State and Nebraska edged Michigan to set up the Game of the Year, PSU vs. Nebraska.

    These two coaches are bitter rivals and it shows in their interviews and how they compete. Today was no different and the rivalry just got deeper.

    This game was tight throughout but there was one play that had everyone talking. This play was when Brion Carnes dropped back and saw now #2 WR Dustin Herron break free from bump and run coverage. Carnes immediately threw a seed to Herron. But the FS saw his boy lose the bump so he came up to make the play. The ball zoomed right to FS Brian Ricks (arguably the fastest player in college) who went to make a play for the interception. Yet he was a millisecond too late as Carnes nailed Herron in the hands and then went 58 yards for a 14 point lead. This is the 2nd time that Ricks was too late on a play. Similar play except it was WR Kenny Bell on the left side and QB Taylor Martinez zoomed a pass, right through the fingers of Ricks. "Yeah he's overrated I told him," said Herron. "I saw that play Martinez did on em last year and the same thing happened this year...speed ain't everything...we have heart, we have the smarts...I've learned so much already about myself and my game since coming here...I love Nebraska!" said Herron.

    Dustin Herron is making quite a name for himself. The freshman phenom came in after a heated recruiting battle between Nebraska and Utah. The coaches said to him after he committed, "Your a physical specimen but we will make you into the best WR in the nation." Less than a year from his commitment date, he's risen from slot WR to #2 WR and is leading the team in catches and yards. Not to mention he's been making big play after for Nebraska in his 1st year. Today he had 2 catches for 101yds and a TD.

    Him and Aaron Green, the SR who was all-world KR, were major points of the offense. Green slash and dashed with dazzling jukes all game to the tune of 156yds on 19 carries and 2TD's. The defense stifled PSU to the tune of just 239 yards. Also they shockingly took out impact SR-QB Rob Bolden for backup Paul Jones. All Jones did was throw 2 INT's, and completed 1 pass out of 4 for 48 yards. Bolden only completed 5 out of 12 passes but he never got into rhythm out there. Nebraska looks to stay undefeated and meet PSU likely again in the conf. title game.

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