Nebraska overcomes 5 turnovers en route to win

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    NEBRASKA (AP)- Ugly Ugly win for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who did come away with a convincing 41-11 win.

    First, QB Jeff Lindsey, who got off to a hot start, threw 3 picks in the game and looked rattled in his 1st game on the road as a starter. Second, starting RB Trey Smith fumbled 3 times. Those two accounted for the 5 turnovers in the game.

    Luckily for Nebraska, 4 of the turnovers didn't leave Miss State in a promising position and instead left them in long field to score.

    Nebraska's defense meanwhile stepped up and held down the offense. The game opened up with a great special teams hit by backup FS Terrence Sapp forcing a fumble and giving Nebraska short field in which they would score a TD.

    Then the defense went to work. They stifiled Miss State offense to the tune of 150 yards and 4 turnovers on the game. MLB David Santos led this charge controlling the middle of the field and picking off QB Kevin Thompson 3 times in the game.

    It was a very ugly win for Nebraska who will have to get their games together as they go into Happy Valley to face Penn State.

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