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Nebraska's big plays down PSU

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    NEBRASKA (AP)- The game couldn't have started out worse for Nebraska.

    1, they wanted to open up the game and spread this defense out. Knowing how PSU loves to have their guys close to the LOS, Coach Moreecemos figured "we'd spread them out and gain the advantage we have with our WR's." Well that didn't work at all. Penn State was ready, batting down passes and pressuring Taylor Martinez a lot. "Our WR's couldn't work their routes because we lost at the point of attack...their defensive line just manhandled us," said Coach Moreecemos.

    Despite their woes, Nebraska managed a 3-0 lead on a 53yd FG by Matt Bondi. But PSU, who dominated on defense early surprised Nebraska as well. PSU early on opened up with the pass and it really caught Nebraska off guard. Bolden was surprisingly accurate and it showed on a long bomb to WR Curtis Drake, going 76 yards for the 7-3 lead. Bolden, who has been much maligned over his PSU career seemed to turn a corner as midway through the 2nd, he nailed freshman WR B.Williams over the middle for a TD, leading him perfectly into the endzone. Down 14-3, Nebraksa ditched the gameplan and went back to the ground. Trey Smith went to work on the ground but on his 3rd carry of the drive got nailed and bruised his ribs. In came backup RB Aaron Green. And quite frankly, this is when the tide started to change for the Cornhuskers. Green would lead the charge downfield and would make a beautiful cut up the gut for a 18 yard TD run. 14-10 PSU.

    No less than a minute later, Bolden who was effective most this game was picked off over the middle by SR-ROLB David Santos giving Nebraska a beautiful chance to take the lead. Smith was still nursing his bruised ribs so Green stayed in and took a toss for 5 yards to give Nebraska a 17-14 lead.

    The action was just getting started as Silas Redd, one of the best RB's in the nation took the ball off tackle and beautiful blocks by the big uglies led Redd for a 71yd score untouched to go back up 21-17.

    On the ensuing kickoff, Green, who just put Nebraska back in this game took the ball, went up the right sideline, saw an incoming PSU gunner coming and did a sick hesistation move that saw the defender fly past him. Green would garner his momentum and head up the sideline, breaking a tackle and breaking free, which maybe the play of the week, going 103 yards for the score. Green's ability on kickoffs has been a godsend and that gave him 4 KR's for TD this year and put Nebraska up 24-21.

    PSU would get the ball and with 1:42 left wanted to score before the half. Nebraska had stopped PSU a few times and called timeout to conserve time for their offense. That bit Nebraska in the butt as PSU on 4th down with 4 to go and barely in positive territory called a fake...and it worked getting the 1st down on a tough run. PSU would kick a FG and end the most exciting quarter of football and half at 24 all.

    By this time an adjustment had to be made by Nebraska to contain Bolden and to be under the watchful eye of Redd. Bolden still made plays and put his team up 31-24 when he hit freshman WR B.Williams again, this time 16 yards out.

    Nebraska needed to score back as this time Happy Valley was roaring. PSU made two big time stops on 1st and 2nd down on Nebraska's next possession and had 3rd down to get the ball back and give it to Redd to pound down the defenses throat. Martinez saw there was no one covering WR Kenny Bell to his left so he audibled Bell on a go. It was the right call but unfortunately, FS Malcolm Willis knew this and covered the quick timing throw. He went for the swat and whiffed as the ball landed right in Bell's hands and Bell raced 85 yards to tie the game at 31!

    Martinez, who has been throwing picks about 2 a game recently was pretty careful with the ball but was counting his praises when that ball sailed to Bell. "Good read, even better read by them, but we executed," laughed Martinez. His next throw would be the game winner as he hit freshman TE Dennis Scott 59 yards for a 38-31 lead. The Nebraska defense finally figured out PSU and kept them from scoring and ran time out, keeping the undefeated season alive and sending PSU to it's 3rd loss on the season and likely keeping them out of the Big 10 title game.
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    Feb 10, 2009
    Nice write up. How come I didn't get an email about this game?

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