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Needed Improvements for 2K15

Discussion in 'NBA 2K' started by dj illmatic 23, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. dj illmatic 23

    dj illmatic 23 Walk On

    Jun 5, 2012
    Without question the NBA2K series has been one of the leading sports franchise for many years. Their dominance was so complete that the juggernaut that is EA Sports could not compete with NBA Live. NBA2K14 for the next gen systems was the first game that really amped up my excitement for the new systems. When I first saw the screen shots of next gen 2K14, I was blown away. On the night I brought my PS4 home, 2K14 was the game I used to start my next generation experience. To 2K's credit, 2K14 for the PS4 and X1 was not simply a prettier port. They added new modes and features not seen on previous gen versions. It was another solid entry into 2K's long run of dominance. Despite these praises, there are several improvements 2K needs to make in the series going forward.

    1. Online stability- NBA2K's biggest Achilles' Heel has been the unreliability of their online services. The most disconcerting part of the problem is it has gone on for years. Whether it is attempting to play with friends, playing online franchises, playing Team Up games, or playing in the Park, getting disconnected during a game or not even being able to connect in the first place is a common theme. Anyone who plays online regularly is used to seeing the phrase "the 2K Sports network services are unavailable." At this point there really is no excuse for this still being a problem. Despite all its greatness, this continues to be a black eye on the series.

    2. The Park- 2K's addition of the Park was a welcome addition. I enjoyed teaming up with friends and playing a little 3 on 3 with my created player. Of all the modes, the Park is the one I have probably spent the most time playing. Unfortunately, the major problem I have with the mode is a lot of that time was spent waiting. 2K designed the Park like an actual city park. In order to get in a game you have to "call next." If you win, you stay on. If you lose, you have to get off the court and wait your turn again. Undoubtedly this is realistic, but it's realism that comes at the expense of fun. No one likes having to wait to play, much less in a video game. Imagine if Grand Theft Auto locked you out of your game for several days when you are arrested in order to provide the simulation experience of being arrested. Would it be realistic, yes. However, it would not be fun. Say it with me 2K, "there is nothing fun about waiting."

    2K's shoddy online services exacerbate the problem. Many times I have waited on the next spot for 10 to 15 minutes only to have the court freeze up right as it was my turn to play. This forced me to go find a new court to call next on and wait again. The design of the Park does allow you to watch your friends' games, but this is a feature that would have been desirable last generation . Now that both the PS4 and X-Box One have streaming services integrated into their consoles, being able to watch others play in the Park is not worth all the waiting that comes with it. To really make this mode enjoyable 2K needs to allow friends to team up and then place them directly into a game. The ability to have your own private park would also be a great feature, as well. This would allow friends to play against each other as much as they want.

    3. CPU A.I.- In fairness to 2K, this is one of the strong points of the series. Teams use their superstars and exploit mismatches. If you cannot guard someone, the CPU will abuse you until you can. However, there are still instances where the CPU drives you crazy. Fast breaks are a particular aspect that need improvement. Too often knock down 3 point shooting guards crash the lane instead of spotting up for three. Meanwhile, highlight dunking forwards like Blake Griffin will often stop at the 3 point line instead of filling the lane. This also occurs during half court sets as well, but the problem is much more noticeable on the break. Another problem is the CPU doubles way too much on defense. To add to this frustration, they will often leave a player like Ray Allen to double a non scoring threat like Chris Anderson. Part of the problem is 2K took out all of the individual defensive options that were in the last gen versions. This was a big mistake. You can still make defensive adjustments, but you have to do it for the whole team, and cannot vary the settings for individual players. 2K needs to bring back the defensive setting options they had before.

    4. My Team- I did not spend much time with the My Team mode, but this was due to the confusion of what it took to be successful. Specifically the Domination mode where you have to beat each NBA team to unlock packs of cards. You get 1-3 stars based on your performance. The problem is the mystery surrounding what it takes to earn 3 stars. Some say they attained 3 stars even though they lost the game, but others have won by 40 and only got one star. Not knowing what it took to be successful in this mode turned me off from it very quickly.

    I have high hopes for 2K15. Another year under their belt with the new hardware should allow 2K to make an even better game this year. Hopefully, 2K addresses the issues and makes the best NBA game yet. Despite another disappointing showing this year, EA will try again this year to provide 2K with some competition. Maybe the potential competition will bring the best out of 2K.

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