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Nevada - "Regroup"

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jackwacker, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Jackwacker

    Jackwacker Noob

    Jul 11, 2009
    Nevada - "Regroup"

    WEEK 2

    Nevada (0-1) vs BYE


    Nevada Sun Times - RENO, NV

    Week 2 is a much needed OPEN date for the Wolfpack as they reflect on what went right and what they need to fix when they play Top 10 Alabama in week 3.

    We caught up with QB - Colin Kaepernick and put him in the HOT SEAT this week.


    NST: Colin, how does the team bounce back from the loss at Notre Dame?
    CK: Its hard. Like I said after the game, we practice all summer... and I go out and throw 4 INTs...
    NST: But you did have over 450 total yards and lets be honest, not all of those INT's were your fault..
    NST: It doesn't matter who's fault they were, they happened and I'm the Quarterback of this offense and ultimately its my responsibility.

    NST: Did Notre Dame do anything on defense you werent prepared for?
    CK: For the most part they were exactly like we had prepared for. 3-4 front and lots of man under. We did a good job moving the ball all game, 600+ yards, we just couldn't turn that into points.

    NST: So what do you do this week to prepare for Alabama?
    CK: Keep practicing. Work on taking care of the ball. If we thought Notre Dame was good, Alabama is on a whole different level. The good thing is they run a 3-4 base as well, so we wont have to make many read adjustments vs last week.

    Our visit with Kaepernick ended as the whistle blew. He picked up his helmet and ran over to begin 7 on 7 drills. Coach has brought out the speaker system again to simulate the crowd noise they expect to face in 2 weeks. This reporter is already sick of "Roll Tide".


    After practice we also caught up with linebacker Kaelin Burnett to talk about what needs to happen on the defensive side of the ball.

    NST: Kaelin, does the loss at Notre Dame last week make you guys take another look at things on the defensive side of the ball?
    KB: Heck ya it does. We were awful last year on defense and by the looks of it, we're not doing much better to start this year.

    NST: One thing Coach wanted to implement on defense was the 4-2-5. Is that working? Have you had enough time to get comfortable with it yet?
    KB: I don't think you're ever comfortable with 62 pts, no matter what defense you run. I know Coach put in the 4-2-5 and he has been recruiting players based off his new system, but I heard the coaches last night talking about making a change.
    NST: A change?
    KB: A change. Thats all I can say.
    NST: Will this change be ready for Alabama?
    KB: We have 2 weeks to prepare for Alabama and its not like this change will be a different language. Football is still blocking and tackling. We just need to do it better than they do.

    NST: Whats the one thing you want the people of Nevada to know about this team right now?
    KB: We wont....I wont let this happen again. Look for an improved Wolfpack to come out of the den in 2 weeks!

    As you can see, the boys here at the Wolf Den aren't happy. And that's a good thing. Over 870 total yards on a very good team shows this reporter and the rest of the NCAA that this Wolf can hunt. And if they can muster up just the slightest resemblance of a defense this team could be very, very dangerous.

    So much excitement and so much drama here in Reno and we're just in week 1. Get ready for a wild season Nevada!
  2. Archie Griffin

    Archie Griffin Walk On

    Feb 19, 2009
    Nice pics. Good luck against the Tide.
  3. Razcalking1978

    Razcalking1978 OFFL TeamBuilder Commish

    Feb 11, 2009
    It's the Tim Tebow speech of the Mid-Majors! Except that they'll probably get rolled by the Crimson Tide. :D

    But hey, great article!
  4. JHeb

    JHeb Sooner Magic

    Jul 7, 2009
    Good stuff! Tough schedule...Man, who set that up for you? Geez...

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