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New Application: Juan S.

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by juanchoCT14, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. juanchoCT14

    juanchoCT14 Walk On

    Nov 28, 2010
    AGE: 28
    EMAIL: suarez.juan14@hotmail.com
    YIM (league requirement): juanchoct14
    TIME ZONE: eastern
    PSN ID: juanchoct14

    What is your previous league experience (if any)? played in the UMFL with a bunch of the guys on this league from '07-'08...had to stop b/c everyone upgraded to ps3 and I couldn't afford it at the time :-(

    How did you hear about us? through the guys I played with in the UMFL

    Why do you want to join the PMFL? love playing online....seems like a great league/forum to be a part of

    We pride ourselves in respect and communication. Why would you be a good addition to the league? some of the ex-UMFL guys can tell you but I'm a fair player who is competetive and can be very dedicated to the league....everyone loves to win but it's also about having fun and getting away from the "real world" with all the league members

    What does “simulation” football mean to you? to make the game as realistic as possible...not finding any glitches or "cheese" plays just because you want to win so badly...following the rules

    Which is more important to you… Winning or playing a game fairly and coming up short?
    to me is playing fair, not sure how can someone feel good about winning anything knowing that they didnt play fair..if i gave it my all (played fair) and come up short, i'll be OK with that
    Are you willing to play with any team that is available? YES....gimme the worst team in the league!!! just as long as i'm part of this "family" again

    PMFL is a TF Premier league which requires at least a $12 premier membership paid to TF. Do you possess a TF Premier or Lifetime membership?

    In addition to the TF membership fee, PMFL requires a one time, non-refundable league fee of $15. We are not a “money” league and we do not have payouts or money prizes at the end of the season. Rather, the fee is applied toward the league's expenses. Think of the fee as an incentive for owners to fulfill their obligation to the league even with a losing record. Will paying a $15 league fee in addition to the TF Premier membership fee be a problem for you? no problem here...where do i pay!!!!

    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Glad to see you were able to upgrade, Juan. I hope you are doing well. We don't have any immediate openings, but you never know when one may occur. Feel free to keep in contact via YIM or the forum.

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