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New, Different Type of OOTP League

Discussion in 'Tradition Baseball' started by Bobby, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Bobby

    Bobby Banned

    Feb 13, 2012

    The United Baseball League (UBL) is a 12 team, fictional based league set to accelerate sims very quickly. This league will simulate an entire calendar year in a span of 5 days (Monday through Friday). This league is geared to owners that thoroughly enjoy the off season capabilities of OOTP 13. The pure beauty of this league is, you do not have to wait real calendar months to see your players progress, rather just a few weeks. Here is how the sim schedule will work:

    Mondays - Resigning players, Arbitration, and Award Voting is due
    Tuesdays - Free Agency Period 1
    Wednesdays - Amateur Draft, Spring Training, FA Period 2
    Thursdays - Season Simulation
    Fridays - Playoff Simulation

    League Features:
    • A chance to witness player's careers in full
    • More seasons equals more history
    • Each real week brings a new season
    • Live sims and the ability to update your team on the fly during season and playoff sims
    • An interactive website with new features constantly added
    • Custom logos and uniforms for all teams major and minor league
    Special League Rules:
    • $80,000,000 salary cap
    • Rule V Draft disabled
    • Injuries Disabled for better season simulating
    • Compensation picks turned on
    • Scouts and Coaches disabled
    • Everyone starts out on an equal budget
    • Teams are first come first serve
    The Teams

    Pittsburgh Steeldogs - TAKEN
    New York Liberty
    Miami Sting Rays
    DC Senators
    Boston Americans
    Baltimore Fire Birds
    Washington Seadogs - TAKEN
    New Mexico Scorpions
    Mississippi River Cats
    Minnesota Lumber Jacks - TAKEN
    Long Beach Sharks - TAKEN
    Arizona Devils

    ..... see logos above or click on the reports.

    You can find the league website at: http://www.stlbleague.com/UBL/index.php

    Feel free to PM me with any questions!!

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