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Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Keller, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Create a thread in this forum and format the title as the following. The bid is not valid unless it conforms to this format. Each player in free agency must have a separate thread. If someone else has a thread open already for a player you want to bid on, use their thread.


    Thread Title: QB T. Brady - 99ovr - 30yrs
    Thread message: Bills bid 14$/5$ - 3yrs

    Remember, a bid is not valid unless it meets the players minimum contract demands. A 99ovr player will not accept a 1$ bid.

    Also, a bid is not valid if you don't have enough cap space to bid on said player. I want to make this ABUNDANTLY CLEAR - you may NOT submit bids for players if you're over the cap. That means if you have 20$ in cap space, and already submitted a 10$ bid, you cannot go bid 20$ on someone else. If you are the leading bidder for a player, assume that you no longer have that cap space in subsequent bids. Once you are outbid, you may use those cap dollars elsewhere. ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.

    A bid will close if no bid is submitted on a player for 24hrs. If you notice that your bid has gone unbidded on for 24 hours and I haven't closed the thread - please @tag me to notify me.
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