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New Member: AndyVanSlyke

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by AndyVanSlyke, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. AndyVanSlyke

    AndyVanSlyke Walk On

    Jul 29, 2010
    New Member: AndyVanSlyke

    Name: Ryan
    Age: 32
    Gamertag/PSN (please state whether its PS or XBOX): AndyVanSlyke
    Email: ryan@gocoastal.org
    AIM: N/A
    Time Zone: EST
    General Availability: evenings
    Favorite Teams: UVA football, baseball, basketball, Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Redskins
    How did you hear about Tradition Football: Friend

    1. Have you ever played in any online leagues? What kind (NCAA, Madden, Forza, NBA, etc)? Where? No

    2. How long have you been playing video games? How long have you been playing online? 20+ years, 4 years

    3. What type of player would you say you are? Realistic

    4. Our community consists of a more mature bunch and the average age is somewhere around 28-30 years old. How do you feel about any differences or similarities between our population and your age? i'm right in the middle of the avg.

    5. Have you read the rules and general gameplay guidelines? Any questions or concerns? yes, no

    6. Please tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know you and hope that you will be around for a long time. Middle school teacher and baseball coach, father of infant twins, loves college sports...GO HOOS!

    7. How active do you plan on becoming with the TF community? very active

    8. What do you hope to get out of being a member at TF? a fun online exp.

    9. Situation: You are participating in a league game when your opponent clearly breaks the league or site rules. What do you do? How do you handle the situation? Finish the game. Save the replays. Tell the commish

    10. Have you checked out the different leagues here at TF? Have you seen anything that you want to be a part of? dad's life
  2. vatechhokie01

    vatechhokie01 Anglican Priest and Beer-snob

    Jul 17, 2010
    I'm rather new but this guy is about as solid as it gets. Mature, responsible, no drama, no cheese. Just loves football and wants to help out the leagues while having fun. Childhood friend.
  3. Archie Griffin

    Archie Griffin Walk On

    Feb 19, 2009
    Welcome to the site. I'm not the guy who approves apps around here, but I can say the guys might ask a question or two just to clarify. It looks like it's your first time in an environment like this one, so it's no big deal, but they're kinda particular about how guys respond to gameplay issues and such. "Finish the game. Save the replays. Tell the commish." That's the typical process when dealing with in-game issues. Just an FYI. Once this gets approved, I'll get your invite out.
  4. vatechhokie01

    vatechhokie01 Anglican Priest and Beer-snob

    Jul 17, 2010
    The guy is a Pirates, Redskins, and UVA fan. Go easy on him.
  5. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    Didn't think that there were any of us left.

    Back in 1980 I went to a Phillies-Pirates doubleheader, got to see Parker, and Stargell. Halfway through the second game the skies opened up and started to rain.

    My dad told me to go down to the dug out and scream at the Pirates so I could get an autograph because the guys in there would be bored and happy to pass the time away. So I went down to get my favorite baseball players autogragh (Dave Parker). I stood in the rain screaming "Snake, Snake... can I have your autograph." ... unfortunately his nickname was "The Cobra", and my 6 year old brain mistaked that nickname for the nickname of my favorite QB of that time, Ken Stabler.

    Finally a head popped out with a big smile on his face with a signed baseball... Parker, no... It was Stargell. Wound up having to give the baseball to my brother because he was a huge Stargell fan... of course after standing in the rain only to have Stargell give me an autograph turned me into a huge Stargell fan as well.

    No idea where the flashback came from, hope you liked the story, welcome to TF.
  6. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Application approved.

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