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New member: BDawg35

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by BDawg35, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. BDawg35

    BDawg35 Walk On

    Apr 20, 2010
    New member: BDawg35

    Name: BDawg35
    Age: 47
    Gamertag/PSN (please state whether its PS or XBOX): I forgot. I think it's MMBDawg or MMBDawg35. I've been sans PS3 since last May, but will be getting a new one in time for NCAA '11.
    Email: billkhan35@gmail.com
    AIM: BDawgUnderground
    Time Zone: Eastern
    General Availability: Evenings
    Favorite Teams: University of Michigan, Boy-Z State, Detroit Lions
    How did you hear about Tradition Football: Through CLW, the Commish 4 Lyfe of the GBN

    1. Have you ever played in any online leagues? What kind (NCAA, Madden, Forza, NBA, etc)? Where?

    Plenty. The last one was the GBN, of which I was an original member in NCAA '09. That's the online dynasty I'm applying to get back into for next year. I was in DaONE in NCAA '04. Spent a year in 220 in Madden '04. Was in the ill-fated ROFX in NCAA '05. Been part of some smaller leagues, the names of which escape me.

    2. How long have you been playing video games? How long have you been playing online?

    Started sports gaming with NCAA '03. Started online with Madden '03 in April 2004.

    3. What type of player would you say you are?

    A str8 player who generally sucks, but can be shockingly competitive every now and then.

    4. Our community consists of a more mature bunch and the average age is somewhere around 28-30 years old. How do you feel about any differences or similarities between our population and your age?

    Ah, so in other words you have a bunch of young whipper snappers in this league? :p I'd be the graybeard in this, or most, online communities.

    5. Have you read the rules and general gameplay guidelines? Any questions or concerns?

    I didn't, but I'm familiar with the spirit of most str8 gaming leagues and tend to err toward the side of being "too str8" to my own detriment at times, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

    6. Please tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know you and hope that you will be around for a long time.

    I'm a sports writer in real life. In addition to sitting on my ass playing video games, I'm an active runner, so I guess that's two opposing activities.

    7. How active do you plan on becoming with the TF community?

    It'll depend on how soon I get back into gaming (like I said, I'm currently sans PS3). I have to check out this site a little more to see what it's like. I prefer a place that is totally dedicated to gaming and isn't a Soap Box that happens to be presented as a gaming forum.

    8. What do you hope to get out of being a member at TF?

    To get more pumped up to start playing video game football again.

    9. Situation: You are participating in a league game when your opponent clearly breaks the league or site rules. What do you do? How do you handle the situation?

    If it's in a random game, I simply don't play the person again. If it's in a league game, I'll just finish up the game and bring it to the attention of the league commish. I'm really not the type to get into any drama mid-game with my opponent.

    10. Have you checked out the different leagues here at TF? Have you seen anything that you want to be a part of?

    I am filling this out because I'm told I need to do so to get into the GBN online dynasty.
  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Welcome aboard Bdawg....

    The comment that stuck out to me is the part about a dedicated place for gaming and not drama. Believe me... That's what this is. Any drama you see is just in a given league and not spread out around the site. But even that is kept to a minimum (mostly T1) lol...
  3. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    Nice welcome Bdawg, finally a gamer older then me. (y)
  4. yragha1

    yragha1 Walk On

    Apr 18, 2010
    Welcome, guess your mule got you from point A to point B and back eh?
  5. CLW

    CLW GBN Commish

    Apr 12, 2010
    From the guy who brags about being Mr. Cheezit? Lies. Just sayin'
  6. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    Application Approved
  7. RynoAid

    RynoAid ..

    Feb 9, 2009
    i did the numbers for you sir, our 'soap box' called 'The Cheap Seats' makes up only 3% of the posts on this site and is generally an afterthought around here.

    welcome, good to have a veteran crew like the GBN around.
  8. GSUtiger


    Apr 13, 2010
    Welcome BDawg
  9. BDawg35

    BDawg35 Walk On

    Apr 20, 2010
    Perfect. I don't mind drama in my given league. I encourage it, but it's a different level of drama than typical message board drama, if that makes any sense. Probably doesn't, but my boyz know what I mean.

    Not much older, if I recall correctly. I think you had some teenage kids in the background when I played you in some headset games a couple years ago.

    Spirit Airlines ... mule. Pretty much the equivalent.

    I love me some Cheez Its, but need to cut back because I'm gaining weight despite being in a marathon training program. It's been WEEKS since I had some of the fine square, crispy cheddar treats.

    Cool. Thanks.

    Awesome. The Soap Box has always been nothing but trouble for me, and I've always thought it diverted from the original mission of a sports gaming forum. Good to know it is a low priority for members of this fine, fine forum.

    Also nice to know that there aren't groans of "there goes the 'hood" now that the GBN is on board.


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