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Approved New Member: ctck

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by ctck, Aug 12, 2014.


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  1. ctck

    ctck Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    Name: Tyler
    Age: 26
    Gamertag/PSN: Dejairl: PSN
    Which consoles do you play on?: PS4
    Time Zone: PST
    What is your general availability for User vs User Games?: Anytime
    How did you hear about Tradition Sports?:

    1) Have you ever played in any Online Leagues before? If so, where?:
    Not for Madden. I've played in many leagues for CS, Dota, TF2, etc.

    2) How long have you been playing video games? How long have you been playing online?:
    22 years. Been playing online games for 14.

    3) What type of player would you say you are?:
    Casually hardcore.

    4) Our community consists of a more mature bunch with the average age hovering around 25-30 years old. How do you feel about any difference or similarities between our population and your age?:
    Would fit right in.

    5) Please tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know you and hope that you will be around for a long time.:
    Avid NFL, football and fantasy junkie. Big into the gaming scene as well. Pop culture trivia champion. Amateur comedian, so expect jokes.

    6) Fitting into the community is vital to the experience here at TSO. How do you see yourself fitting into our community?:
    I get along with everyone as long as there is a mutual respect. I can take jokes and criticism as I have thick skin and believe you can learn from anything, but I have no problem giving it back when necessary. I'm a big jokester.

    7) What do you hope to get out of being a member at TSO?:
    A league that will be around for awhile. I'd love a situation where 80%+ of the league base can continue to play and really have a good long-term experience.

    8) [SITUATION]: You are participating in a league game when your opponent clearly breaks the league or site rules. What do you do? How do you handle the situation?:
    I would save the video clip for future proof. Depending on the situation I may ask the other user whether it was intentional, but typically I'd continue playing out the game and then send the evidence along with a brief summary of what happened to the commissioner.

    9) Have you checked out the different league openings here at TSO? Have you found any leagues you are interested in? What is your preferred setup?:
    I was recommended one by Reddit, unsure of the name. The redditor who posted it was 'tkasper'. It sounded like a great, long term and social league.

    I have read and agreed to the rules of the site.
  2. Shaun Mason

    Shaun Mason Somebody you used to know.

    Feb 9, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Application Approved
  3. redwings8831

    redwings8831 Walk On

    Nov 5, 2010
    Welcome to TSO! If you're interested in a NHL 15 GMC/Online Franchise, we are currently looking for members.

  4. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010

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