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New Member: Leander Francisco

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by TSO Staff, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. TSO Staff

    TSO Staff Walk On

    Feb 28, 2011
    Welcome Leander Francisco,

    Please submit an application and tell us a little bit about yourself.

    You can find instructions here: http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/new-member-applications-new-members-start-here.1162/

    TSO Staff
  2. Leander Francisco

    Leander Francisco Walk On

    Sep 20, 2011
    Name: Leander Francisco
    Age: 25
    Gamertag: blaxican8504 (XBOX 360)
    AIM: blaxican8508
    Time Zone: PST
    Availability: Monday through Friday, after 5:30pm. Saturday and Sunday, available all day.
    Favorite Teams: San Francisco 49ers, Florida State Seminoles, San Francisco Giants, Manchester United
    How did you hear about a Tradition Football: A friend of mine from another league told me about the leagues on this site and how they were taken very seriously.

    1. I have been involved with NCAA leagues dating back to NCAA 2008. I have also been involved in FIFA leagues during the same time period.

    2. I have been playing video games for about 20 years. I have been playing online since I purchased an XBOX 360.

    3. I would say I am a pretty straight player. I am very knowledgeable about the sports games I play, so I try to get my play to resemble real life as closely as I can.

    4. Many of the leagues I have been in have consisted of people older than myself. There generally isn't much that separates us.

    5. I have. No questions or concerns.

    6. I don't really know what to say here. I enjoy playing video games, sports games especially. I try to watch as many sporting events as I can.

    7. I tend to keep a low profile on message boards. However, when involved in leagues, I become more active.

    8. I hope to become involved in some solid leagues that will make the gaming experience more fun than it already is.

    9. When this has happened in the past, I brought it up with my opponent. If I felt that there was a chance that it could become a recurring issue, I would alert the commissioner so that they could take whatever action they needed to.

    10. I have looked at a few. The one I am most interested in is the Tradition Futbol League.
  3. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    Hey man.... I was told to look for you for the FIFA league... As soon as you are approved, I will get you a spot.
  4. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    Application approved
  5. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010

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