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New Member: PatriotJames

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by PatriotJames, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. PatriotJames

    PatriotJames Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    Name: James Bishop
    Age: 26
    PSN ID: PatriotJames
    Email: james_franklin_bishop@yahoo.com
    AIM: N/A
    Time Zone: U.S. Central Standard Time (Iowa)
    General Availability: After 5 P.M. Central until 2 A.M. Central
    Favorite Teams: NCAA - Iowa State, Alabama, The U - NFL - Patriots, Eagles, Broncos, Steelers
    How did you hear about Tradition Football: A post from RynoRyan(?) in Operation Sports answering a question of mine on NCAA 11.

    1. I've played in 3 Madden leagues all 2010 version. First was a post from a guy starting his first sim league, I soon became the "assistant". I then branched a couple months later to create my own as I didn't agree with some of the rules (too lenient on cheesing/glitching). As people fell out of interest we took the remaining guys creating a 3rd league towards the end of Madden 10.

    2. Been playing games since NES with Super Mario so probably 20 years at least. Online I've only been playing 5 to 6 years.

    3. I would say I'm a competitive yet respectful player in the online community until it comes to someone out right "cheating" on me. I am mostly an offline player for this reason and haven't gotten into another online league because of the constant cheesing/glitching that goes on. I just love to 'fantasize' if you will. Whether it be about me turning ISU into the ultimate dynasty or taking Solid Snake and fulfilling his mission.

    4. Well the difference is maximum 4 years average in age. I was in a coach mode league for Madden 04 (FCN I believe was the name) for a bit and enjoyed the time there. They were higher in the age group of 30 year olds and got a long pretty well because of the respect given. They were still kids at heart but respectful. I have no issues with the age, if anything its a plus. I love to joke around and be a kid but I know even online, when someone harasses you or calls you a name it still hurts a bit and that's where the age being higher in these leagues appeals to me more.

    5. I have read the rules closely. That being said, I do not know if I "cheese" since I play against the cpu mostly. I bring up when they call the engage 8, I audible into a vertical game and bomb it. Things like this are easy for me to see. Also when having a scrambling QB and with all recievers going to the left or the right, I tend to scramble immediately to that side and throw. I also almost always bring my players up to the line of scrimmage (not pressing) but in the box (show blitz). Just pointing out some tendencies of mine that don't necessarily go with these rules that I will have to get out of the habit of doing. I pass too often (3:1 or 2:1 ratio) as I run the ISU spread and all I can really call are HB delays/draws. I do have an issue with the "Ask Corso". I know it's not that anymore and I always "ask coach" that gives you 18 plays or whatever to choose from. If I'm not allowed to do this, I won't. But I would like to seeing as Ask Corso if I recall was just 3 plays and may be an old rule that doesn't apply anymore.

    6. I stay at home and take care of my quadriplegic brother (hence the crazy schedule). I just got a girlfriend who is totally cool with me playing video games which is awesome!! I love NFL, NCAA Football & Hoops, baseball, and Nascar. I absolutely love WWE wrestling, it's almost a lifestyle for me. Family Guy & American Dad are favorite TV Shows. I really just love good conversation in general as long as it doesn't go into religion or politics because nobody wins at that point. I will say I believe in God but most likely not in a traditional Christian way although my faith is strong. I'd say I'm more Bahai than anything but I refuse to put myself in a group like that. I haven't had a sip of alcohol in 5 years and haven't done any drugs in 8 (only did Marijuana a couple times). The stuff just isn't for me. I'd say I'm an independent and very original person who perhaps dreams too much and sometimes needs to be brought back to earth so to speak. (sorry for the essay).

    7. How active I am with the community will be how much interest there is. Right now I'm undecided. I would love to believe this is the best situation out there for me in which it is I will be an extremely active individual. If it isn't right for me, you most likely won't have to kick me out because I will tell you up front and what I had an issue with. All things going well though, I should be a very active member

    8. I hope to make some good online buddies in the TSF community. Even though we may not be sitting on the couch playing games, I like that picture. That was how highschool and college was for me. Having fun with people you would call friend and playing friendly games just because of the love of gaming

    9. Situation: You are participating in a league game when your opponent clearly breaks the league or site rules. What do you do? How do you handle the situation?

    --I am in the game so I finish the game (according to league rules). Take some time to cool off. If what I feel was actually a violation and not my frustration I would first talk to that person via PM either on here or on PSN. I feel going to the person directly is better. If it can't be resolved then its time to go higher up, to the commissioner or higher authority of the league/site. If it is resolved I most likely would still tell the commissioner about the situation so it can be documented and noted that this person could possibly be violating rules and hope that the person I tell that is higher authority will remember in case another member complains about the same person.

    10. I have checked the leagues to a degree. I don't own Madden 11, I was upset with the game so all I'm playing is NCAA so I know that cuts the leagues in half right there. I would like to be in a league where the recruiting is somewhat on an equal level at least to start...whether it be 10 powerhouse users or 10 lower prestige team users. I want to be in a league that advances fairly quickly, at least 2 times per week or I know I will lose interest.

    If I didn't fill out anything correctly or need more information please tell me. Thank you for the opportunity for joining a league that has by far the best set of rules out there that I have seen.

  2. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009

    Thanks for the great app! Your application is approved.

    That being said, I wanted to touch base with you on your response to question number 5:

    - It is not cheesy to audible your playcall if you see a weakness in the defense, but you also shouldn't be changing your playcall everytime you come to the line. So as long as you are using audibles in moderation, then you are still playing the game in a sim manner.

    - Scrambling straight out of the pocket with a quick QB is something you will get yelled at for in most leagues. Unless the play is a designed boot leg, you shouldn't be scrambling unless under pressure, otherwise it creates AI flaws in the secondary coverage.

    - Showing blitz/press - Also something that should be used in moderation. If you are not doing it every play, then you are in the good.

    - Pass/Run ratio - Obviously there are certain playbooks that will favor one play call type over the other as opposed to being balanced. It would be expected that someone rolling with Iowa State would pass a lot more because that is what you see in real life. Someone with Georgia Tech will likely have 3-4 times the number of runs to passes. So that is not a problem.

    - Ask Corso - Once you end up in a league, talk to your commish about this. Some guys seem to allow it while others are strictly opposed to it.

    Hope I helped clarify everything for you. Do not hesitate to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

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