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    Hey guys I've been a dedicated madden fan since the age of 10. I love playing in sim leagues with a lot of competition. I'm a huge fan of pretty much any sport. My favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Whitesox, Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago Bulls and whoever beats the bears and cubs lol.
    Name: Colin Hannigan
    Age: 18
    Gamertag: XxNorthside26xX ( xbox 360)
    AIM: fswrb26
    Timezone: central
    Avaliability: anytime just let me know on aim
    Favorite Teams: Green Bay Packers, Chicago whitesox, blackhawks, bulls
    1. Yes I've been in other leagues all madden leagues on, I'm currently in DOB and SPFL

    2.I've been playing since I was about 9. I've played online though since I was 12 started out on ps2 and switched to 360

    3. I'm a competative player that likes to have fun.

    4. I think it will be great playing with a matured age group as I am mature myself.

    5. Yea and no ?s or concerns

    6. Did this at the top

    7. Yes I'm interested in the other madden franchise leagues.
  2. Papa Perry

    Papa Perry Leeroy Jenkins!!!

    Jul 1, 2009
    Alright northside I've got you down for the packers in SFML. That is who you wanted right?

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