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New Rule for Madden'11 : The change back to All-Pro Difficulty

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    New Rule for Madden'11 : The change back to All-Pro Difficulty

    For those that don't know or forgot, we started Madden'10 Ten Year War, at All-Pro difficulty. Due to User vs User turning into "pitchfests", we stepped up the difficulty to All-Madden, to help Users contain outside runs. The result was reasonable running stats (both cpu and user games), but it being unrealistically hard in most cases to throw the ball vs the cpu.

    So we will once again start off at All-Pro and see where it leads us.

    As a heads up to everyone, new and old, all rules are subject to review throughout the OF, and can/will be changed at the end of each season as necessary.

    As for some of the more "discussed" rules from Madden'10:
    - The stricter 4th down restrictions
    - The stricter Onside kicks restrictions
    - The stricter motion restrictions
    - The no huddle ban
    - The Wildcat ban
    (I'm sure there's more, more restrictive rules, but I'll run with these five for now)

    These will be assessed when I get the game next month. I'll play it for a week and see what needs to be changed for Madden'11. For each rule above there is a specific issue I have with each one, that I feel takes away from either the strategy aspect of football, or puts an unfair advantage to one side of the ball. I see the issue I have with that subject get fixed for Madden'11, and the restriction gets lifted.

    Ex. of something that could change - No huddle ban

    #1 Issue I have with the no huddle is that it limits the playcalling of the defense unrealistically. In real life 11 minds spouting off coverages and deciding for there own could feasibly call any defense in the playbook. Where in Madden, even if you know it's coming, you may not have the one of eight (ish) plays in your audible to stop the play. Further more the quick setup, added with the known holes in the defense, that would force a user to switch and cover, puts a bigger emphasis on stick skills and this game has enough emphasis on stick skills as it is.

    NCAA'11 non-hurry up, no huddle (Oklahoma State style offense), allows a coach to catch the defense in a bad package (good strategy), save some time on the clock (good strategy), while allowing the defense access and time to call any play they wanted, therefore resolving my primary issue with the no huddle (notice I didn't say resolving all the issues I have with it). And because of this change, if this change was implemented in Madden'11, the non-hurry up, no huddle would be legal to run.

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