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new xbox league opening asap

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by sreese, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. sreese

    sreese Walk On

    Mar 14, 2010
    new xbox league opening asap

    Ok guys myself and Korenth are starting a new xbox dynasty. Its basically a copy of a league ran around here last year with a few new added twists. Ultimately this is about your coach moving up to a bcs school or staying at a mid-major and trying to make them boiseish! Please read below for the instructions on hiring and firing. If you think your interested send me a message or post here. The instructions are below. U may not get the 1st team on your list as we are going to fill conferences while accepting your applications.

    Rules for initial school selection.
    All coaches will begin at a school from the list below. Interested coaches will be asked to submit a top 5 list of desired schools via PM. Schools will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Please make sure you choose teams from each conference not all from one. We will have 4 teams in each confence (WAC, Sun Belt, MAC) with the MAC having two teams in the Eastern division and two teams in the western division. Also please post a link to your application for tf.

    Any coach who joins after the dynasty has started will be required to start at a school currently rated at 1* and a overall rating of 70 or less.

    Current List of Teams to Choose From
    La Tech
    New Mexico St
    Utah St-sreese

    Sun Belt
    Arkansas St
    North Texas
    UL Monroe

    Kent St
    Bowling Green
    Miami (OH)-Korenth

    Ball St.
    Eastern Michigan

    Rules for being hired/fired

    After Three years at the current school, a coach may be hired to any school during the offseason that meets the following criteria.
    1. The school must have a prestige rating equal or lower than your current school
    2. The school must have had two losing seasons in the last three (.500 or less)

    In the case of multiple coaches, the following will be used (in order) to determine who gets the school.
    1. Overall Win-Loss record
    2. Bowl Game record
    3. Record for just the previous season
    4. Win/Loss of bowl game during the previous season
    5. Highest achieved BCS ranking during the season
    6. Highest Current BCS ranking
    7. User-vs.-User Win-Loss Record
    8. Coin flip or other random method

    Once at higher ranked schools, coaches must live up to expectations, or they may find themselves fired.
    Expectations are:
    3* schools: Receive a bowl invite once every 3 years
    4* Schools: Win a bowl game once every 3 years, OR end the season in the top 25 at least once every three years.
    5* schools: Win a bowl game once every 3 years, OR end the season in the top 25 twice out of every three years
    6* schools: Receive a BCS bowl invite once every three years

    If a coach is fired for not meeting expectations, they may apply for any school that meets the above criteria with a prestige rating less than their current school.

    And for those of you wrroeid about gameplay settings....

    Difficulty: AA (both game and recruiting)
    Length: 7min
    Sliders: TBD
    Rosters: TBD

    Planning to advance every 48-72 hours.

    I've played in or ran a dynasty like this every year since the OD feature exisited..from Launch to Launch, its not uncommon to go through 8+ seasons. So while we all start off at places like Miami-Ohio or Bowling Green, theres no reason we can't all end up at top tier schools like 'Bama, Oklahoma, USC. Also to reason you can't take a school like Tulane and make Boise State's rise to power pale in comparion to your own. Tons of fun to be had...looking foward to meeting and playing against you all.
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    Feb 10, 2009
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