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Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions' started by jello1717, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Shaun Mason --

    Could we get some new :xstars: icons that are all the length of the actual # of stars? Having them all the same length is nice for making columns line up like this:

    :5stars: blah
    :4stars: blah
    :3stars: blah
    :2stars: blah
    :1stars: blah

    but they suck when you're using them in sentences as there's a big gap like this:
    :3stars: SMU had to resort to signing :1stars: BillyRay Lemon Jello.

    It'd look better like this:
    3stars.JPG SMU had to resort to signing star.JPG BillyRay Lemon Jello.

    I'm not asking to remove the old ones as I'm sure others like those. Maybe just have :xstars: for the old ones and :xstar: for the new ones or something.

    Also, having a :6stars: would be nice too for when you're talking about school prestige.
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    The reason they are that length is because they used to have star outlines where the starts were missing. So a :1stars: would look like - star outline outline outline outline .

    We can look into changing them. I don't think they suck when using them in sentences. They look horrible either way. I personally liked the blank outline placeholders because it was more visibly appealing and kept everything equally spaced.

    We need to ask a :6stars:

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