New York Giants: Midseason Review

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    Hey all! Masterfocker here, bringing you guys an unwanted review of the New York Giants so far!

    The Giants are sitting at #3 in the NFC East with a 3-4 record.

    It's been a rough road so far, with great wins and heart-breaking losses. But one thing is for sure: This team isn't out of it yet. They're almost there, but not quite yet.

    First, let's look at the stats throughout the first half of the season:



    Eli Manning is having a pretty good season. Hovering around a 65% completion percentage, along with 18 TD's. 10 INT's is a little worrying, though. Oh, and he has something like 18 sacks, not 0. The new league website is a little wonky.

    Rashad Jennings isn't doing bad, but he just isn't getting all the opportunities he should be getting. Only 114 attempts this far into the season is a disgrace. However, when the Giants fall behind early, they usually have to give up the run game, as the defense wouldn't even be able to stop someone in a wheelchair from going up stairs (If that's too insensitive or something, I'll erase it). Jennings has done well with his carries, though, getting 555 yards, 6 TD's, and a 4.9 YPC. The defense is the problem with the Giants' run game.

    Andre Williams is used primarily as a goal line back in very limited situations, and he's done just that. He's punched it into the endzone twice. Pretty good for a rookie.

    Rob Housler, acquired from the trade with the Arizona Cardinals, has been a godsend for the New York Giants. Going into the season, the Giants had a very young and inexperienced group at TE, with worries and the near certainty that their 1st round pick would be on a TE that can actually do something. Housler fixed that, and fixed it well. Leading the team in catches and yards, he's used all over the field. Deep, intermediate, or as a check down; he's everywhere.

    Victor Cruz has also been used more in the short game than the long game. With most teams committing safeties deep, Cruz can't be the deep threat he should be. He's still 2nd on the team in yards and catches, and 2st in TD's.

    ODB, the rookie, has been pretty good so far. He hasn't gotten the ball a large number of times, but when he has, he's done pretty well with it. His baggage has been pretty consistent so far, and he's almost surpassed Cruz in yards with 12 less catches! I think this is because ODB is on the outside, while Cruz is in the slot. All-in-all, ODB is very promising, and is still in ORoTY and RoTY contention.

    Reuben Randle is the #1 receiver for the Giants this year, and he has been on-and-off. Some games, he's been a monster. Others, he's been a ghost. He's not overly fast, so he can't just run past people, and he's just not getting separation anyway. If he keeps this up, and if Corey Washington keeps up his good season so far, we could see Randle in a different uniform once his contract expires.

    Corey Washington. #4 on the depth chart, used almost exclusively on substitutions. He's tall, pretty fast, and can jump and get the ball. That's exactly what he's done on his way to 240 yards and 4 TD's. However, only 12 catches. Only 100 yards less than Randle with over 10 less catches, and more TD's. Corey Washington is a legitimate deep threat, and look for him to get more playing time, or at least more looks.


    Antrel Rolle is leading the Giants in tackles with 56. A huge part of those were in the last 2 games alone, including last game where he compiled 17 tackles in a loss to the Cowboys! Rolle was criticized for poor play early in the season, and went HAM to shut the haters up. Unfortunately, no INT's for Rolle yet, although he's had his chances.

    Stevie Brown is right behind Rolle with 53 tackles, but also adding 2 INT's onto that stat sheet. Our safeties have been a force in the running and passing game.

    And then we have Jacquian Williams. The ROLB that we kept instead of trading to the Cardinals. He's had good games, and he's had bad games. However, he's #3 on the Giants in tackles, including 2 sacks, a forced fumble, and an INT.

    Next up we have 3 cornerbacks. Walter Thurmond, Prince Amukamara, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Thurmond has looked the best, bringing in 30 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 INT's. Amukamara is next in line with 30 tackles and 1 INT, and DRC is last, but not least, with 29 tackles and 3 INT's, including 1 pick-six (Website must be wonky again).

    After that, we have our MLB Jon Beason, who has compiled 28 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 INT's. I don't like the fact that our CB's have more tackles than our MLB, but Beason has been injured for some of the year, so we'll have to wait and see for the end result.

    As for sack leaders, it starts with Damontre Moore, who leads the team with 4 sacks. After him is Cullen Jenkins with 3, then Jacquian Williams and Jon Beason with 2, and Thurmond and Ayers with 1.

    As you can see, there's next-to-no FF, something that needs to be worked on. We have a healthy number of INT's, but that's about it.


    The Giants schedule so far:


    And their schedule coming up:


    As you can see, they have a tough schedule coming up, so finishing with a winning record can not easily be done.

    As for Offensive and Defensive Rankings:





    Offense is doing pretty good; defense is doing awful.

    We may only be giving up 144.6 rush yards per game, but the Giants have given up the most rush yards overall. Which is unacceptable. They also allow over 400 yards per game, which is just abysmal. Look for a different looking defense in the coming years.
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