New York Giants Season 3 Preview

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    The New York Football Giants
    2017 Football Season Preview
    The New York Football Giants went 9-7 and were 2nd in the NFC East in the 2016 season. Young QB Ryan Nassib had a pretty good season, and rookie MLB Dondi Franklin was 2nd in the league in tackles and won DRoTY (Fuck you Rolando McClain).

    In order to start this preview, let's look at the Giants' 2016 draft:

    Round 2 Pick 19: Ken Ballard, WR, UCF


    Round 2 Pick 22: Pershing Rodgers, CB, Texas A&M


    Round 4, Pick 19: Dimitri Hobbs, SS, New Hampshire


    Round 6, Pick 19: Abraham Riddick, HB, LSU


    Round 7, Pick 19: Camdren Ware, QB, N.C. State


    As you can see, the Giants only had 5 picks in this draft, but they used them to their fullest, getting 3 starters and 2 promising backups out of it.

    Also, the Giants went HAM in Free Agency, signing 2 big superstars in Ben Tate and Matt Prater, and signing over a dozen guys for depth. This is the most complete the Giants have ever been. Let's look at the depth chart:

    QB: Ryan Nassib, Camdren Ware

    Ryan Nassib took starting duties at the end of Season 1, and continued them through Season 2. This year will mark Nassib's 2nd year as a full starter, and both Nassib and the coach expect it to be a good year for the 26 year old QB who's looking for a contract. Ware will back Nassib up.

    LT: Will Beatty, KeJuan Gandy

    Beatty is the best offensive lineman on the Giants. He is a franchise LT that is a great run blocker and is getting better at pass blocking. KeJuan Gandy was chosen in the 5th round last year, and his job is to learn behind Beatty. Gandy is the future.

    LG: Jeff McClendon, Oniel Cousins

    McClendon was the first pick for the Giants last year, and he brought along elite run blocking with mediocre pass blocking. He's gotten better at pass blocking, but he regressed in run blocking. It's still really good, but it wasn't like it was before. Cousins is there to back him up.

    C: Weston Richburg, Steve Vallos

    Weston Richburg is young and a stud. He has a high development rating, and boasts great run and pass blocking. And he's only 25 years old. He's the future. Vallos is there for depth.

    RG: Geoff Schwartz, Dan Connolly

    Schwartz got moved to RG, his natural position, after the Giants drafted McClendon. Boasting great blocking in both the passing and running game, he's the starter until he regresses due to old age. Connolly is there to back him up.

    RT: Justin Pugh, Austin Pasztor

    After a brief stint where Pugh lost his starting job, he gained it back due to injury and proved why he should keep it. Here he is, in Season 3, starting at Rt, and doing a good job too. His blocking isn't the best, but he's young, and it can only get better. Pasztor is there for depth.

    FB: Henry Hynoski

    Of course it's The Hynocerous Rex! He's been the Giants FB for a while, and he will always be the Giants FB. He's a beast, and, better yet, he's a motherfucking dinosaur.

    HB: Ben Tate, Abraham Riddick, David Wilson, Andre Williams

    Ben Tate, the big FA acquisition, will be the lead back going into the season. Riddick has impressed coaches with this multitude of skills and physical ability, but will need to work on his fumbling problems. Either way, he's the back behind Tate. David Wilson, although #3 on the depth chart, will not be left out. Look for him on screens and such. Andre Williams will be there if we need to get through a brick wall at 4th & 1.

    WR: Odell Beckham Jr., Ken Ballard, Victor Cruz, Clifford Ellison, Corey Washington, Rishard Matthews

    The #1 receiver is ODB, the rookie sensation who broke out and led all rookies in receiving yards. He was a superstar down the stretch for the Giants. After him is 2nd round rookie Ken Ballard. He's not overly fast, but he's tall, has an insane vertical, and will hold onto the ball when he catches it. Also, good luck pressing him. Cruz is Cruz. He's a known commodity, and a known slot receiver. He's been great the last 2 seasons, and he looks to keep it up at the crucial age of 29. Last year's 2nd round pick will be the 4th WR and will be substituted in here and there. He's also 6'5. Can anyone say "Endzone packages"? Rounding it off is Corey Washington and Rishard Matthews, who will be there if anyone gets injured.

    TE: Rob Housler, Brandon Pettigrew, Taiwan Kearse

    Rob Housler was forcibly handicapped last season due to the Gods, but all bets are off this year. He's a fast and effective receiving option when Nassib decides to not want to throw to his receivers. For run blocking and just a change of pace, Brandon Pettigrew is there. Look for him in 2 TE sets. Rounding it off is Taiwan Kearse, the 2nd year player who is good depth.

    LE: Morgan Patton, Robert Ayers, Armond Mitchell

    Morgan Patton was a 3rd round pick last year, and started at RE. Now he's starting at LE to make room for Mario Williams on the other side. Patton is looking to do better than his 4 sack year last year. Ayers was the only person signed back to the Giants last year, and he'll be depth. Armond Mitchell, chosen right before Patton, will be the 3rd option. He's got good physical tools, just not enough refinement.

    DT: Johnathan Hankins, Jay Bromley, Alex Carrington, C.J. Mosley

    Johnathan Hankins is now the #1 DT. He's big, strong, stuffs the run, and can even get to the passer. but that's his secondary objective. Bromley, however, is meant to rush the passer. He's got good skills for it, and needs a little refinement. However, I'm looking for a big year out of Bromley. Carrington and Mosley are out there to complete the rotation.

    RE: Mario Williams, Damontre Moore

    Mario Williams was acquired in a trade with the Buffalo Bills, and will be an immediate starter. He looks to bring a lot of pressure this year for the Giants' opponents. Moore, the starter last year, will complement him.

    LOLB: Devon Kennard, Andy Studebaker

    The LOLB position almost never gets any playing time in this Giants defense that runs a lot of Nickel. However, Kennard is young, fast, and can rush the passer and tackle the opponents pretty well.

    MLB: Dondi Franklin, Albert McClellan

    Dondi Franklin had an amazing rookie season, totaling 166 tackles, good for 2nd in the league. He has grown exponentially in the offseason, and looks to show his bigger and better form. Expect another huge year for this stud. McClellan is there to hold Dondi's Gatorade for when the offense gets back on the field.

    ROLB: Jacquian Williams, Dan Skuta

    Jacquian Williams has been a starter since Season 1, and he will be again. He's fast, physical, and can rush the passer. And the best part? He can cover. They decided to keep Williams when they traded Paysinger away, and he'll look to keep proving why that was a good decision. Skuta will back him up.

    CB: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Prince Amukamara, Pershing Rodgers, Ron Darman, Walter Thurmond III, Terrell Thomas

    DRC is DRC. He's had 16 interceptions in the last 2 seasons. On his best days, he'll completely shut down the opposing WR. On his worst days, he'll miss every tackle and fail to block a pass. The Giants are hoping for more of his good days. Prince is Prince. He's a great coverage guy who can tackle with the best of them. His specialty is in the run game. Rookie Pershing Rodgers is in the slot. How could you not start a 6'2 CB who is one of the fastest players in the NFL, and who can cover very well? The answer: You can't. Ron Darman, the slot receiver last year, will slip into the #4 spot and be called upon in Dime packages. Thurmond and Thomas will be depth players.

    FS: Lester Moore, Quintin Demps

    Lester Moore had over 100 tackles his rookie season, although he failed to bring in any interceptions. That looks to change this year as he's worked in the offseason and looks to be better than ever. Quintin Demps will be backing him up.

    SS: Dimitri Hobbs, Nat Berhe

    Dimitri Hobbs is the 4th round pick for the Giants this year, and he'll look to start in place of the recently released Antrel Rolle. He's a big hitter who will be a force in the run game with Dondi. All he needs to work on is his coverage. Berhe will back him up.

    K: Matt Prater

    Prater boasts 99 Kick Power and 90 Kick Accuracy. When Metlife has double-digit winds, his leg will come in handy.

    P: Steve Weatherford

    Steve Weatherford is Steve Weatherford. He's jacked, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and an excellent punter. He'll stay a Giant forever.

    This is a Giants team that is ready to make a run. This is their team. This is their time. They are all in.

    Go Big Blue!

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    Nice write up, but fuck the Giants
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