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NextFL Draft Write-ups

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by MoonBBad, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010
    How did YOUR team do? Post em up here fellas.
  2. ZCar352

    ZCar352 Keep Pounding...Go Panthers!!!

    Aug 26, 2010
    The Carolina Panthers had a fantastic draft as they made a trade with the Cardinals to acquire there first 3 rounds of picks which included the #2 pick. The first 4 picks for the Panthers replaced the traded players and filled in the gaps that weren't filled via Free Agency.

    1st Round

    #2- RB Je'Won Duran (Starter)

    #13- CB Sunday Carlson (Starter)

    2nd Round

    #2 ROLB Ikeem Sharp (Starter)

    #13 TE Quayshon Bruce (Starter)

    3rd Round

    #2- QB Todd Davis (2nd String)

    #13- ROLB Kendrick Hollier (2nd String)

    4th Round

    #13- DT Ivan Knowlton (Back up)

    5th Round

    #13- WR Princeton Cobb (Cut)

    6th Round

    #13- LT Winston Walton (Cut)

    7th Round

    #13- RB Marquel Townsend (Back up)
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  3. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010
    1st Round

    16th Pick: Donquel Bush - 82 OVR - The heir to Jermichael Finley when he chooses to leave. Bush will be seeing the field this season as the Packers #2 TE.

    19th Pick: Traded to Seattle for a 1st, 3rd, and 5th next season.

    2nd Round

    19th: Jamius Grimble - 78 OVR - Tall, speed receiver out of North Carolina. Grimble will see the field this year as the 3/4 receiver for Green Bay. Grimble will also be handling kick returns.

    26th: Traded to Detroit for a 1st next season.

    3rd Round

    19th + 26th: Traded to Atlanta for a 1st next season.

    4th Round

    19th: Defensive End (will get player and position later) - Barely made the roster, and will not see much playing time.

    All picks after this were cut.
  4. Roggie

    Roggie Back 2 Back

    Jun 14, 2011
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    The Chicago Bears had a fantastic draft, taking advantage of having 3 top 10 picks and 5 picks in the top 41.

    1st Round:

    4: WR Deric Thompson (78 OVR). Superstar development, a perfect fit as a slot receiver. Will also return punts. Starter.

    8: LE Jaxon Dennard (79 OVR, moved to RE 76 OVR). Athletic, solidly developed end. Just needs to work on shedding blocks. Starter.

    9: CB Romel Buchanon (85 OVR). Great all around corner. Good lockdown guy who can tackle and run with anybody. Needs to work on his zone skills. Starter.

    2nd Round:

    4: LOLB DeShaunta Long (72 OVR). Auto pick by the coaching staff because my dumb self couldn't find someone. Much better than anticipated. Athletic but needs to work on coverage skills. Backup.

    8: Traded to NE for QB Gary Quaglieri, who will start the season as the backup but could take over if Cutler sucks.

    9: HB Javares Trodder (78 OVR). Extremely fast back with great juke and spin moves. Weakness is taking a few steps to get up to speed. Will return kicks. Backup.

    3rd Round:

    26: K Glen Gearin (82 OVR). Good kick power and accuracy (91 for each). Kicking game will be MUCH improved over last season. Starter.

    4th Round:

    Shitty defensive end. Cut.

    5th Round:
    Even shittier right guard. Cut.

    6th Round:

    QB Alex Huerta (72 OVR). Drafted him to just have a 3rd QB. Was shocked when I saw his rating when he came in. Not super accurate, but can develop. 3rd String.

    7th Round:

    TE Kendrick Burchette (57 OVR). Drafted as a 3rd tight end, will only be used in blocking situations on the goal line. 3rd String.
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  5. The Prudent

    The Prudent Walk On

    Jun 22, 2011
    The Dolphins had a terrible draft and were only able to sign one player off their draft board. This draft was a learning experience for the new GM as it was his first.

    1st Round

    LT Francis Lewter (75 OVR) A solid backup in his first year as a Dolphin. Very balanced in his abilities with tons of strength at the position.

    2nd Round

    WR Rodney Mark (77 OVR) Slotted to be WR3, but could very well reach WR2 before the season ends. Has good hands, speed, and is a great runner with the ball in his hands. Needs to work on jumping and release.

    3rd Round

    TE Tony Facian (73) Dolphins didn't really want to go TE round three, but saw key players disappear off their board. We opted to add depth at the TE position.

    4th Round

    Pick was traded during the previous season for CB Kareem Jackson

    5th Round

    RE P.J. Bloom (62 OVR) will add depth for now

    6th Round

    DT Franklin Jacko (63) added depth

    7th Round

    LOLB Nic Avery CUT
  6. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    San Francisco Draft Round Up

    Round 1
    Outstanding talent with all the physical and mental abilities. Will take over for Frank Gore as he was released to get one more payday while his PHY ratings drop every minute.

    Round 2
    With needs for dynamic playmakers, SF goes with Clark. Has everything you would want out of a rookie WR, but concerns exist about his explosiveness out of breaks.

    Round 3
    Utley will be a developments CB for the foreseeable future. Has no fucking idea how to cover guys.

    Owner left at this point to watch Game of Thrones with wife, who made a special dinner. Drafting with a headset on was out of the question.

    Round 4

    Anderson has some nice cover skills out of the gate. Not a explosive physical guys though. Ceiling might be limited.

    Round 5

    Needed a P. Got a P, with an average leg. Whatevs.

    Round 6

    Good strength and shown some nice blocking skills but slow as molasses. He will get a chance.

    Round 7

    Undersized, weak, and terrible technique. Worthless.
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  7. mboda

    mboda Walk On

    Jul 26, 2010
    Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Draft Recap

    1st Round
    SS - Vorheese Kirby - 6'2" 194 Lbs - St. Peters - 76 Ovr - Kirby has great size and speed. Needs to work on his coverage ability and tackling. Won't start right away but should see the field some this year.

    2nd Round
    DT - Glenn Meador - 6'2" 294 Lbs - NC Central - 73 Ovr - Meador was a guy we were targeting for later in the draft but a couple guys we were hoping would be there in the 2nd round got picked right before our pick. Meador has a good strength/speed combo, he just needs to work on his pass rushing moves and block shedding.

    3rd Round
    FS - Quenton Hayes - 6'0" 215 lbs - Georgetown - 68 Ovr - Hayes will provide depth for our secondary. He has good speed and strength, just has to work on other things.

    4th Round
    CB - Romel Clarke - 6'1" 181 lbs - Arizona State - 72 Ovr - Clarke probably won't see the field much this year. In a year or two he could work his way onto the field more.

    5th Round
    WR - Pershing Nelson - 6'2" 218 - California (PA) - 64 Ovr - Nelson turned out to be worse than we thought. He's big and pretty fast but that's about it.

    6th Round
    ROLB - Dontae Gordenave - 6'1" 244 - Colorado - 61 Ovr - Special teams/Depth

    7th Round
    FB - Langford Gashen - 6'0" 245 - Maine - 67 Ovr - Might get a chance to start right away. Really good run and pass block but not very fast.
  8. UniQue2Three

    UniQue2Three Walk On

    Jul 12, 2011
    New England Patriots ended their draft fairly happy with what landed in their laps.

    1st Round:
    New England did not have 1st round pick as it was traded to Seattle who drafted QB Tannon Viles.

    2nd Round: Pick 8
    RG - Quadorias Turay - Rice - 6'3" 302 lbs - 78 OVR - Was moved to guard from tackle to follow aging Logan Mankins, great pass blocker but needs Logan to teach him how to run block(90 pbk, 66 rbk). Turay is a perfect fit and what the Patriots needed and was very pleased to land Turay so late after being projected around top 10.

    3rd Round: Pick 30
    DT - Dalvin Hendrickson - W. Carolina - 6'1" 328 lbs - 77 OVR - Dalvin Hendrickson looks to be Vince Wilfork's replacement when he retires. Dalvin is a promising run stopping DT and great fit for a 4-3 but is yet raw at talent but will need time to develop. Will play on pass situations and be the 3rd DT behind Vince Wilfork and Adam Carriker.

    4th Round: Pick 30
    HB - Karl Bumpers - TCU - 5'11" 201 lbs - 64 OVR - Don't let the overall fool you, he has blazing speed9(98spd 94acc) to get around the edges and will more likely to return kicks. Bumpers will be put in sparingly til he can get his raw ability up and be trusted to hold on to the football(67 car).

    5th Round: Pick 30
    RE - Clay Alli - Bowie State - 6'5" 280 - 73 OVR - Clay was drafted purely on his size/athleticism. Coaches will work on his pass rushing ability throughout the season and hopefully turn him in to a great 5th round steal. Clay has great speed/strength combo (86spd, 82str) to get around tackles. Clay will add to great depth at DE as he will be with newly acquired LE Ricky Sapp.

    6th Round : Pick 30
    QB - Gifford Cunningham - Vanderbilt - 6'0" 225 lbs - 77 OVR(in preferred system) - Gifford Cunningham was New England's last pick of the draft and decided to draft a QB. Gifford needs alot of work if he wants to see the field. He will most likely be holding the clipboard all year. New England does like his strong arm he possess(95 THP).
  9. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011


    With the #2 Overall pick the organization choose to trade it away. What they got was CB Chris Harris Jr., TE Greg Olsen, and HB Jonathan Stewart. Harris will start on the other side of the field from Patrick Peterson and bring a lot to this already stacked defense. Olsen is another immediate starter who will take advantage of the new offensive playbook for the Cards. Lastly Jonathan Stewart will be the go to guy on short yardage situations and as a 3rd down back. Originally he was going to be the starter but the organization felt Ellington was a little more balanced of a back. The trade left the CPU the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Rounds to bring in some depth. What the Cardinals got was :doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie:

    4th Round: RE Soma Breaud (70 OVR; 6'3"/311lb)
    This fat tub of lard cannot go from his locker to the trash can to throw away his Twinkies wrapper without taking a break. His size fits a 34 but he lacks strength, intelligence, and technique to come on to the field.

    5th Round: LOLB VJ Uko (52 OVR; 6'0"/238 lb)
    Uko does not have the size to be an OLB in this scheme so this left Saw scratching his head on why they would get a dweeb like this. The only thing going for Uko is his strength but only being able to bench press two plates 20 times does not constitute performance on the field.

    6th Round: TE Darrian Berardi (62 OVR; 6'4"/241 lb)
    Everyone on my OL is faster then this guy. Moving on...

    7th Round: FB Deangelo Hymes (71 OVR; 6'1"/243lb)
    Finally a turd nugget that can be molded into something. I guess four try is a charm? Going through his ability he shows decent strength and great blocking technique. The only thing wrong with him is that he is not agile and is slow... but not slower than Darrian!

    Overall the CPU did what I thought they were going to so we are happy we made the trade when we did.
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  10. Matrix Monkey

    Matrix Monkey Walk On

    Apr 7, 2009
    Skins Draft

    1 (31) - DT Demarcus Landrum - The Skins are switching to a multiple D this season and they needed a interior DLman capable of getting upfield. Landrum isn't quite as fast as the coaches were hoping but should see significant snaps in his rookie season.

    2 (31) - CB Abdulai Alli - CB wasn't a huge need but the Skins were protecting themselves in case DHall's play drops off this season. They were looking for a fast aggressive corner in the DHall mold but all their targets went of the board early in the 1st round. Alli is showed up to camp out of shape and is too slow to play CB so he will play in a reserve safety roll since he has the tackling ability to do so.

    3 (31) - QB Jason Quinn - Washington needed another QB on the roster so they drafted the small school QB with an NFL arm out of Alabama A&M. Quinn needs to work on his deep ball and throwing on bootlegs and out of play action but has plenty of time to develop as a 3rd QB and is only 21 years old.

    4 (31) - DT Konrad Cignetti - Washington's scouting staff spent a lot of time focusing on DTs hoping to find that Warren Sapp type player but unfortunately struck out. Cignetti has a great bull rush move for a 20 year old rookie and will be a backup his rookie year.

    5 (31) - DT J.Charpentier - Didn't make it out of training camp.

    6 (31) - DT J.Fite - Fite could shed blocks but do little else and was cut early on.

    7 (31) - K Weinstock - Just a camp leg. No longer with the team.
  11. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    1st Round: RE - Tyri Delaney (Florida)
    6'3" 283 - Comes in with a solid 79 PMV, 78 FMV, and 88 BSH ... 82 STR, round out this kids solid
    attributes. He's kinda buried on the depth chart but could see some time to spell our starters.

    2nd Round: CB - Ify Boenzi (Ul Lafayette)
    6'2" 184 - 75 MCV, 77 ZCV, 84 PRC, 87 CTH, 90 SPD, 77 STR... This big corner has great size and speed, and is also the strongest cornerback on the Texans' roster. His play recognition for a rookie is outstanding with his excellent set of hands Ify will see the field in dime & quarter situations, he should also get a look on special teams unit.

    3rd Round: MLB - Svondo Knox (Calgary)
    6'1" 239 - 78 TAK, 83 POW, 80 SPD ... Knox is currently sitting at 3rd on the depth chart and will likely end up a practice squad player. Baring
    significant injuries he will likely not see the field often. Depth behind Cushing and Sharpton.

    Rounds 4-7 were all cut ... :doodie::doodie::doodie::doodie:

  12. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010

    The Seattle Seahawks 2015 NextFL Draft
    1st Round - Pick 16 - LT Miles Nakwaasah
    Attributes: 84 OVR 89 STR 94 PBK 81 RBK 82 IBL 89 STR

    This guy is a beast. Miles Nakwaasah was the #1 overall pick on Seattle's draft board and they traded their 2016 1st, 3rd, and 5th round picks to move up to select him. Miles has everything you need in a left tackle in the NFL. He's big, strong, and has excellent footwork. He's going to be an immediate starter and help to solidify Seattle's startting offensive line which was a priority to address in the off season.

    1st Round - Pick 29 - CB Betim Hutchins
    Attributes: 80 OVR 89 SPD 88 STR 92 ACC 92 CTH 78 JMP 92 TAK 87 POW 78 MCV 91 ZCV 71 PRS 77 PRC 97 RET

    After having lost CB Brandon Browner in the offseason, Seattle wanted to grab a corner in the draft, however many might be surprised they went with one this early. The coaches philosophy in Seattle is defense wins championships and Seattle was going to ensure they continued to have one of the best secondaries in the NextFL. Betim Hutchins has a very interesting skill set for a corner. He has great speed and quickness, and is an incredible tackler. He also hits like a truck, has elite zone coverage and has better hands than most wide receivers. He could make an excellent FS as well. Something Seattle might look at later.

    1st Round - Pick 30 - QB Tannon Viles
    Attributes: 78 OVR 81 SPD 86 STR 70 CAR 94 THP 82 SAC 81 MAC 76 DAC 68 RUN 80 PAC

    It might be surprising that Seattle took a QB this early in the draft when they have a young, elite QB in Russell Wilson. However, Seattle wanted not only an insurance policy should Wilson go down, but they wanted to groom a potential starter in case contract negotiations were to break down this season between Wilson and the team. Wilson is coming off his rookie deal and if he wants what some of other fellow QBs in his situation are getting, it is going to be a lot of money. Seattle wanted a similar in style QB and that is what they get from the former Badger. Tannon has excellent throwing power and good short accuracy. His long throws leave something to be desired, but the coaching staff feels they can improve that. He also has good speed which will allow the team to continue running the read option as needed.

    2nd Round - Pick 29 - DE Fillimore Markus
    Attributes: 71 OVR 88 SPD 80 STR 65 ACC 66 TAK 83 POW 87 BSH 77 FMV 73 PMV 76 PUR

    Markus was selected here to fill a need for more speed out of Seattle's defensive ends. The defensive line last season was definitely a strength of the team, however Seattle's front office felt they could improve with more depth, and more speed out of the ends. Markus gives the team just that. He's quick with an 88 speed, has good block shedding ability, however will have to work on is tackling and some of his moves at the line.

    3rd Round - Pick 29 - DT Robey Castro
    Attributes: 76 OVR 76 SPD 75 STR 86 ACC 72 TAK 77 POW 83 BSH 79 FMV 73 PMV 74 PUR

    Castro continued the theme of defensive line depth for the team. Seattle felt they got a good value pick here and have a solid depth player that has a good foundation of talent. Good speed, and acceleration for a tackle, and has some solid block shedding abilities, the team feels they can work with Castro to help him fill in the gaps in his game. He will see some action in order to keep the defensive line fresh this season.

    4th Round - Pick 29 - DE Avion Joyner
    Attributes: 70 OVR 84 SPD 77 STR 66 ACC 77 TAK 76 POW 86 BSH 70 FMV 76 PMV 73 PUR

    Avion Joyner makes the third defensive lineman selection in a row for Seattle. The team definately has gotten younger in this draft, and again, hits on a solid depth pick. Joyner is a very similar player to Filimore Markus. Good speed, good tackling and good hit power. His moves aren't as polished as Markus' however again, has a solid base which to build off of and will be a contributor to the defensive line in his rookie season. Another great value pick late in the fourth round.

    5th Round - Pick 29 - FB Chandler Pierce
    Attributes: 66 OVR 71 SPD 77 STR 76 CAR 82 TRK 76 CTH 88 PBK 82 RBK 65 IBL

    A CPU pick, but not a bad one. Chandler will be the second fullback in the lineup for Seattle as he has made the team. Another good base to build off of, just need to improve his impact blocking and could be a very nice backup/depth player for the team in the coming years.

    6th Round - Pick 29 - RG D.T. Gaitor
    Attributes: 76 STR 71 PBK 77 RBK 59 IBL

    CPU pick, and was the worst pick in the draft for the hawks. Decent run blocking ability, but very poor impact blocking and for a guard Gaitor is very slow which will hurt him as he's pulling.
  13. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Buffalo Bills
    1st Rd (22)- Lamanski Giansante 82 ovr QB Starter
    The Bills shocked the football world, and EJ Manuel, taking this guy with their first pick. The Bills needed a reliable backup and so decided to scout some QB's ptojected 3rd round or later. What they found was amazing. Coming from a small school this kid didnt have alot of hype. Now he gets to play down the street from where he played in college. He is amazing under pressure and 10 yards and in deadly accurate.

    1st Rd (26)- Juliam Mackey 77 ovr ROLB Starter
    Buffalo was in need of an OLB after trading Nigel Bradham before the draft. They found a really raw player with athleticism to dream of but needs coached up. Considering he will only be playing in 3-4 sets this kid could have a big impact for the Bills

    2nd Rd (22) Al Stream 82 ovr RE backup (for now)
    In need of a future replacement of Mario Williams the Bills picked this guy up. Solid 3-4 DE but needs some development.

    2nd Rd (27) Tom Erwin 76 ovr LT backup
    Erwin will come in to give some depth to the o line. Wont be starting anytime soon as Cordy Glenn just resigned long term

    3rd Rd (22) Rashard Jolly 70 ovr DT 4th String
    Jolly shouldnt see the field much, but provides more depth on the D-line

    3rd Rd (27) Dwayne Barnes 69 ovr Wr 6th string
    Big frame and shit hands. Will need some serious development

    4th Rd (22) Alveron St John 73 ovr CB 5th string
    Good size decent across the board. Will never break into the top 4 rotation.

    4th Rd (27) Kerry Hackett 60 ovr C backup

    Needed a backup C was at the top of the list. Hadnt scouted him.

    After this point the Bills had 53 people and GOT took precedent. Thanks to Baron and the Vikings for sitting the draft out and giving me the flexibility to take 2 stunners in the 1st rd.
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  14. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    Glad to see that a trade worked out for both of us, yet again!
  15. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    Considering our first pick was in round 2 pick 28 I didnt expect much out of this draft.

    Thing is it went very well. We got some nice cheap depth who could develop for us into round 5.

    Rd 2 Simuel Franklin LG 85 overall - needs some work on his pass blocking but has quick development, could start today and we wouldnt worry about him.

    Rd 4 Maka Parker TE 70 overall - Nice speed 85 blk combo...hands at 70 and needs to get better route running and cit...Perfect back up TE...cheap with some skills.

    Rd 5 Ecford Bogan LDE 75 overall - Nice skills already and a guy who could develop into a starter.

    Rd 6 cut

    Rd 7 cut

    UDFA's - Dundrecous Baird DT - 77 overall good size n str- Stecolian Neilson RDE - 71 over 86 blk shd
  16. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    The New York Giants entered the 2015 NFL Draft under new management. Unfortunately the Giants found themselves in the same position as 2014, possessing the #1 overall pick after a second consecutive 2 - 14 season. The in season trade of JPP supplied New York with a bounty of early picks in the draft, including picks 21 and 33 overall.
    #1 - Shaman Ratliff 78 Overall
    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.57.11 PM.png Very good size and speed combo (85 speed & 86 acceleration) to go with a solid skill set: 85 tackle, 76 play recognition and 75 zone coverage. He is still a little raw in some areas 66 pursuit and block shed but he looks like he should be able man the middle of the G-Men defense my years to come.

    #21 - Darrion Powers 78 Overall
    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.18.24 PM.png

    Powers is a "beast" of an athlete at the Strong Safety position. He posses the size to play up near the line of scrimmage at 5'10 and 211 pounds and the athleticism to make plays all over the field. Whether it is against the pass (82 zone & 71 man coverage) or the run (85 pursuit and 84 hit power Powers can get there as he has great range (95 speed and 86 agility). Look for him to push incumbent starter Will Hill for playing time in regular packages and in "big" nickel sets.

    #33 - Odis Robey 84 Overall
    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.28.05 PM.png

    The front office had a few other players ahead of Robey but as is often the case in the NFL draft you need a plan A, B, C etc. At pick 33 overall the Giants may have gotten a true steal in this draft. Robey is as much athlete as he is football, see his 87 speed, 85 agility and 80 acceleration ratings. But dont get wrapped in the athlete label too much as he understands he is on the field to block people whether it be on run plays (85) or pass plays (82). While the team has two quality players at the guard spot in Puch and Snee, look for Robey to learn as many of the o-line positions as he is the next man up along the offensive front.

    #65 - QB Blair Dittmer 81 Overall
    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.36.56 PM.png
    #97 - QB Stephen Cosh - 77 Overall

    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.37.17 PM.png
    With the sudden retirement of Eli Manning during the offseason, Giants fans were clamoring about possible replacements. Second year player Ryan nassib remained the lone QB on the roster but many around the league questioned if he is ready for the spotlight. The Giants took two steps to making sure it had plenty of options available at the most important position on the field. They took two QBs with the first pick in rounds three and four. Blair Dittmer was the first selected while Stephen Cosh was picked 32 players later in round four. Blair possesses the stronger arm at 94 rating compared to Cosh's 86. Cosh leads in medium accuracy 84 to 80. Cosh is a bit more mobile with 76 speed and 75 acceleration compared to Dittmer's 71 speed and 67 acceleration. Look for Nassib to have the slight edge to start the season but all three will likely play some snaps.

    #86 - HB Simon Artz 71 Overall
    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.38.05 PM.png

    With the addition of Frank Gore in the offseason and 2014 starter David Wilson still on the roster many wondered if the G-Men would be in the market for a running back. At pick #97 overall the speed (90) of Simon Artz along with his quick feet and strong ball handling skills (87 carrying rating). Look to see Artz as a return and also with spot carries and catches on third downs (87 catch rating).

    #129 - SS Kyran Dickson
    Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.05.29 AM.png

    Good speed at 88 rating and above average zone coverage skills at 77 gives Dickson a solid foundation to build upon and remain on the roster.

    #161 - DE Trenton Gillum
    Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.05.51 AM.png
    The Giants were looking for some value and possible pass rush ability late in the draft. Gillum may fit that picture as he has excellent speed at 86 with solid 85 strength that should allow him to develop his subpar 79 block shed, 70 PMV and 69 FMV. Situational guy that could slide inside on passing downs.
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  17. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010

    1st Round - RT: Elliot Steelman
    OVR: 85 , 6'6" , 345 lbs
    His blocking skills are incredible, he's a little suspect in pass blocking but to be a rookie, I'm not all that worried. I really needed a defensive end that could come in and make an impact but all the ones worth a damn were gone at the 18th pick. So I took the BPA at the time on our board.

    3rd Round - CB: Navahri Joyce
    OVR: 79 , 5'11", 198 lbs
    Small guy but he has great coverage skills. Sad thing for him is he is behind a bunch of talented corners on our team so he might not see the field as early as he hoped. Shocked he fell to the 3rd round honestly.

    5th Round - DT: Rashaad Green
    OVR: 72 , 6'3", 270 lbs
    He came in as a 68 OVR DT but I moved him to RE which actually worked better for him to get some playing time. Just need to work on a few of his attributes to make him worthy of starting. Total reach at this pick and luckily he worked out and didn't come in as a 41 overall or something

    6th Round - LE: Dejuan Rankin
    OVR: 67 , 6'7", 276 lbs
    Another reach, should be good eventually if we play that many seasons. Definitely not a dominate force or anything but he's not a bad 2 deep player.

    7th Round - RE X'Zavious Sumler
    OVR: 67, 6'4", 258 lbs
    Exact same as Rankin. Sumler will probably see the field before Rankin. Sumler right now is battling RE Tim Jamison for the starting job.
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