NFC Div Round: Vikings v. Packers

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    Vikings D Shines in Comeback Victory Over Green Bay
    Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota & Green Bay would meet in the divisional round of the playoffs. They split their regular season match-ups, and know each other well at this point. The Vikings would get star HB Jarrad Sovioe & #2 WR Hakeem Nicks back for the game; both had been out for most of the 2nd half of the season. As most of the Q playoff games have been thus far, this would be a defensive battle from start to finish.

    The Vikings would march down the field to start the game, but Coach Zimmer made a bad decision early to go for it on 4th & 2 inside the 35 yard line which was stuffed by the Packer defense. Green Bay's offense would respond with a nice drive. In the red zone, the Vikings D would come up big stopping a FB dive on 3rd & short. However, the Packers would make a similar coaching decision, going for it on 4th & 1 - another FB dive, this time picking up the 1st down. Minnesota's D would hold strong though, eventually forcing a FG anyways. Minny would respond with a long, time-consuming drive. But like Green Bay, they too would have to settle for a FG. With 3 minutes remaining in the half, Rodgers would move the Packers down the field again, this time scoring on a slant to Adams. Score at half: 10-3 in favor of GB.

    The second half was dominated by the Minnesota defense, who would record 4 Rodgers INT's in the half. Minnesota would move the ball sporadically on offense, but their O-Line (4 pro bowlers) would continually get beat by Green Bay's defensive line, who ended up sacking Teddy B 6 times (a season-high). Score going into the 4th - 10-6 in favor of GB. A 5-minute drive to start the 4th, Minny finally found themselves in the end zone - 1 4-yd TD run by Savoie. Green Bay would get the ball back twice in the final 5 minutes - the first drive was a 3 & out; the second ended with MLB Kyren Roger's 2nd INT of the game (which sealed it).

    Final Score:
    Minnesota - 13
    Green Bay - 10

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