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NFC Season Predictions Revisited

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by Jai Childs, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Jai Childs

    Jai Childs Walk On

    Jul 27, 2015
    Well I was home on my day off and I thought to myself, self..... I wonder how accurate those NFC season predictions that came out before the season were. At the time I thought they were ridiculous so figured I would get a good chuckle revisiting them. So here we go.

    Actual Predicted

    NFC North
    Minn 11-5 6-10
    Det 10-6 8-8
    GB 9-7 7-9
    Chi 8-8 7-9

    NFC South
    N.O. 9-7 5-11
    Car 9-7 9-7
    Atl 7-9 4-12
    TB 4-12 2-12

    NFC East
    Phi 11-5 7-9
    Dal 9-7 6-10
    Was 7-8-1 10-6
    NYG 6-10 4-12

    NFC West
    Sea 10-6 6-10
    AZ 7-9 6-10
    Stl 7-9 7-9
    SF 3-13 7-9

    Uhhhh, well there you have it.......Not sure these pedictions were made for motivation,comedy, or shade purposes or perhaps all three. They look even more ridiculous now that the season has played out I mean only 2 teams with a winning record?? Only 2 teams underperformed to their predicted number of wins. Looks like Nasir was using his nose candy again, thank God there wasn't AFC predictions might have had a division winner with 3 wins. Good luck to everyone in the offseason and in season 2.
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  2. Nasir

    Nasir Walk On

    Nov 6, 2014
    Lol! All good the swami isn't always right

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