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NFC Wild Card: Defensive showdown ends in Bucs victory over Cardinals,15-13

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Jeremy, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009

    Both the Bucs and Cardinals offenses had found success scoring points in the regular season. Both teams averaged 22+ points per game which put them in the top 12 scoring offenses in the QSF. This Wild Card Showdown in Tampa Bay would tell a different story.

    The Bucs defense would bend but not break early in the 1st qtr. as the Cardinals offense put together a great drive but would end with no points as the Bucs defense stiffened. On the ensuing drive the Bucs offense managed to push into Cardinals territory and cap it off with a FG. Key play on this drive was a conversion on 4th and 1 in Cardinals territory.
    On of the deciding plays of the game would come not long after when Cards HB Knile Davis would fumble inside the redzone and the Bucs were able to jump on it. The remainder of the 1st would go without much fireworks as both teams FG kickers would show off their accuracy.

    Another big play came in the 2nd half when Cardinals QB Logan Thomas would find WR TY Hilton open down the sideline as Bucs CB Alturaun Verner could not keep up. 80yds later Hilton crossed the goal line to give Arizona the lead 13-12. The Bucs offense would keep fighting and late in the 4th the Bucs had the ball and a huge decision. After a screen pass to HB Thyre Pendleton on 3rd down that came up 1-yd short, the Bucs faced a 4th and 1, down 1pt with barely a minute on the clock and the ball around the Cards 20yd line. After a short deliberation the Bucs FG kicking unit was marched onto the field to give the team the lead. The theory was that other than one deep pass for a TD the Bucs defense had held the Cards offense in check and the hopes were that trend would continue.

    The Cards received the kickoff with less that a minute on the clock and down 2. After 2 nice passes from Thomas that would put the Cards offense near midfield, Bucs CB Alturaun Verner would exercise his demon from the busted coverage earlier in the game by pulling in the game sealing Interception. Bucs QB Dennis Cox would kneel and watch the last seconds tick off the clock.


    GG Mugga This was a fun game that both of us deserved to win.

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