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NFC Wildcard: Giants @ Rams

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Zikry, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Steven Jackson "PUTS DA TEAM ON HIS BACK DOE"
    As the Rams Run Past Giants


    St. Louis, Missouri

    The Rams welcomed the Giants in this 4 vs 5 matchup as the playoffs got underway. The home fans haven't seen this team in the playoffs in a LONG while and made themselves heard as the Edward Jones Dome was packed to full capacity. The Giants won the toss and elected to kick off, as the Rams would start with the ball first. The Rams would patiently go down the field mixing the run and pass before Jackson would take it in from 3 yards out. 7-0 Rams after 1.​

    The Giants would strike right at the beginning of the 2nd quarter as a beautiful PA pass found Travis Beckum wide open as New York tied the game up at 7.​

    The next big play of the game came courtesy of the Giants D as they were able to intercept a Bradford pass, which was turned into points as Jacobs pounded it in from 5 yards out. Needing a quick score the Rams came out and and ran Jackson for a 4 yard gain before coming out in another 2 wr set. Hoping to catch the Giants napping Bradford audibled to Avery, who beat his man on a 64 yard pass from Bradford to tie this game up once again, 14 all.​

    Not to be denied, the Giants scored on their third consecutive drive, as this time it was Bradshaw who took it in from 3 yards out with 54 seconds left in the half to give the Giants the 21-14 lead. Hoping to get a FG before the half ended, the Rams came out on offense but were stalled when the Giants were able to stop them on a 3rd and long. With 3 seconds left the Rams decided to give Brown a shot at a long FG, and he stepped up, nailing the 58 yarder to give the Rams some hope, trailing at the half 21-17.​

    The 2nd half was all about one man: Steven Jackson. After the Rams defense stood up for the first time, forcing a rather controversial fumble off of Bradshaw, Sjax was able to run it in from 14 yards out to give the Rams the lead yet again, a lead which was lost at the beginning of the 4th as the Giants tied it up on a 19 yard FG. 24 all.​

    At this point the whole building knew that Steven was going to get the ball, and after a couple of successful runs he was able to break a long one, as his blocking was excellent, allowing him to score on a 65 yard run, the difference in the game. The Giants were unable to muster anything after this as the Rams walked away with the win, as they get ready to hit the road for their next game!!​

    Player of the GAME: Steven Jackson - 20 carries, 210 yards, 3 TDs.

    gg Cimmy24

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  2. cadepetty247

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    Aug 7, 2009
    i heard rumors that Stephen Jackson is going to Dallas this offseason. ... Can you confirm?
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