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Discussion in '4th and Long' started by Snozberriez8198, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012


    Texans(10-5) Doc Holliday904
    Colts(11-4) DaGap25

    This is looking to be a rematch of this weekends game between these two teams which will decide the AFC South Champion. The first matchup between these two teams in week 15 was decided by a whopping 3 points as the Colts took home the victory. The tale of that game was untimely turnovers by the Texans, which ended the game with 3 turnovers. Schaub and the Texans are eager to get back on the field against the Colts and hopefully take home the "W".

    Colts Keys to victory-

    * Create Turnovers and capitalize

    * Take early lead and make Texans abandon run game

    * Cover number #80 Andre Johnson

    Texans Keys to Victory-

    * Limit turnovers and keep the ball in Foster's hands

    * Use the run to setup playaction passes downfield

    * Spread the ball around as Johnson will probably be double covered A LOT!!!


    Dolphins (10-6) AWinkler02
    Raiders (10-5) Dasher13
    This game is a rematch of a week 2 matchup between 2 teams that many experts wrote off before the season even started. Neither team is the same on offense or defense as they were in week 2, when the game was decided by a mere 3 points with Miami coming out with the win. Both teams have suprised a lot of people, but none more than the rookie Terrell Pryor. He has instilled excitement back into this organization, and it's fan base. The Raiders are an offensive powerhouse, and the Dolphins boast one of the top defenses in the league. This looks to be a matchup for the ages in an age old battle of OFFENSE VS DEFENSE!!!!

    Dolphins Keys to Victory:

    * Control the clock and limit time of possession for the Raiders

    * Exploit Raiders pourus defense

    * Hit Pryor hard and often

    Raiders Keys to Victory-

    * Defense needs to show up and stop someone....anyone...

    * Stay unpredictable on offense

    * Protect Pryor so he can go through progressions


    Lions (11-5) Anthrax78

    Packers (11-4) BLACKJ414

    This will be the third matchup between these bitter NFC North rivals this season. Both games ended with the same result of the Packers taking home the victory. It appears that the Packers have the Lions number this season, but there is that old saying of "it's hard to beat a team 3 times in a season". Look for this game to be a very physical dog fight between these two rivals, as the winner of this game will definitly earn it.

    Lions Keys to Victory-

    * Be unpredictable and mix up play calling

    * Protect the ball against ballhawking Green Bay defense

    * The team lives and dies by #81 Calvin Johnson

    Packers Keys to Victory-

    * Stick to gameplan the beat them twice this season

    * Cover Calvin Johnson EVERY play

    * Get early lead and force Lions to be one dimensional


    Saints(11-4) DirtSouthDan
    49ers (10-5) jay2149

    This game is a rematch of thier week 12 matchup where the Saints slowed down the 49ers and won by 6. This game could go either way, as both teams have multiple weapons. Everyone knows the offensive powerhouse that is the Saints, but new on to the scene is Colin Kapernick who is a dual threat to say the least. The Saints managed to keep him in check in the matchup earlier this season and are serious championship contenders.

    Saints Keys to Victory-

    * Contain Kapernick on the QB reads and have 1-2 lineman spy him on passing downs

    * Do what you do and put up points early, and force Kapernick to pass and stay in pocket

    * Know where Vernon Davis is on EVERY play. Shut down Davis and you will walk away with the "W"

    49ers Keys to Victory-

    * Protect ball and control clock

    * Stay unpredictable on both sides of ball

    * Get whole offense involved
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  2. BLACKJ414

    BLACKJ414 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Looking forward to it... not sure but I think I have a chance at the 2 seed in the NFC hopefully I can get that instead of having to play in the Wild Card round...
  3. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012
    As of now, this is the playoff schedule on maddencareers.com
  4. Doc Holliday904

    Doc Holliday904 Walk On

    Aug 24, 2012
    I do not want to play DaGap25 again geeezzzz
  5. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012
    You got the dolphins

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