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NFL Week 9 Game Predictions

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Ghost, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Ghost

    Ghost Before the rollieee!

    Aug 8, 2011
    imagesnfl pickem.jpg
    Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks- Already Been Played Detroit prevails in OT to win 37-31

    Indianapolis colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars- Already Been Played Indy wins a great Conference game and ends the jaguars Hopes of having an undefeated season.(Rumors Are Jacksonville threw the game to save them self from accusations that they cheese), but hey we still cannot take no Credit away from the Colts they played a hella of game Great Win @Matrixmonkey

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers- Already Been Played Tampa Bay cruised to a 27 14 win to become 6-2 and stay in the running to keep up with the Undefeated Saints. BTW it’s so funny how everyone was worrying about the undefeated Jaguars and we haven't even once spoken about the undefeated saints who are a strong 7-0. They are definitely not unbeatable as they have had many close games this year so far.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Redskins- I predict the Browns winning this as they don't average more points a game but their defense is so good against the rush and pass that I believe they will be able beat the Redskins

    St Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots- This two teams both don't have much of a difference in team stats but my prediction will be the New England Patriots Winning this because they score more points a game and have a better defense than the Rams.

    Houston Texans vs. Green Bay Packers- Rumors of the Texans trying to trade off their star Qb has speculated me to predict the Texans still coming out with the win because overall they are just better than the packer son offense and defense . Defense wins games so I have the Texans winning this.
    Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants- This game is going to be close the Ravens have the #6 Passing Offense but the Giants have the #1 Passing Defense. I think the Ravens will come out to win thought as I believe their coach is just more talented with his stick skills and the Giants are on a 5 losing streak and I don’t see them breaking that losing streak this game

    Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles- the Steelers will cruise to their win as I as I think the eagles coach still isn’t really settled with his team yet. In team overall stats the 2 teams are not much if a difference but with the eagles on a 3 losing streak and the Steelers coming off a big win against the division rivals Browns, I have the Steelers winning by 14.

    New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals- This is just a easy win for the saints as the Cardinals have the 26th worst rush defense in the lg and the saints have the 7th best rush
    Offense. Cardinal’s average giving up 300 yards of total offense a game and the saints average 351 yards of total offense a game. If you look at the odds the saints are going to win this GL to both teams though.

    San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings the 49ers are going to win this as the Vikings have one of the worst defense in the lg and the 49ers have one of the best. All the odds are going against the Vikings and it’s looking like a double score win so I Say 49ers win.

    Tennessee Titans vs. Miami Dolphins- Tennessee titans have just been unstoppable since their week 1 loss to the jaguars and cannot be stopped and I don’t see an upset happening tonight with the dolphins. Titans win big.

    Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons- Broncos Coach is on a leave of absence so the Falcons will get this easy W unless they somehow lose to CPU.

    Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys- This game is going to be close. Both Teams are evenly matched and the bears are missing their star MLB urlacher but they star safety Chris Conte comes back this week. Look out for the bears to snap their losing streak to stay alive in the division race.

    Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs- This is a rivalry between the two coaches who are good friends in real life. When they met each other to swap game film the 2 had a heated argument after the chief’s coach called the bills coach a bitch. I have the Bills winning this as their defense has just been spectacular in the past few weeks. Bills Win
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