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NHL 14 Demo Impressions

Discussion in 'Tradition Hockey' started by Fiddy14, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Fiddy14

    Fiddy14 THL Commissioner

    Dec 6, 2011

    just played a few 3rd periods and was free skating for about 20 minutes.

    ill say this, its BETTER than NHL 13. which, i dont say that much from one game to another in this series.

    colors, seems brighter, which is great.

    NHL 14 has a better feel, more fluid when skating, everything seems to have been smoothed out.

    speed, seems toned down, but feels very good.

    net battles dont seem to be as annoying when in front, easier to get off of as well.

    fighting, pretty cool. such a shame we had to deal with that 1st person fighting these last so many years. no option to turtle in a fight from what i seen. ive started fights, seen 2 started automatically after a hit i put on a player etc.

    one touch dekes, hmm, i can see this being a problem online.. very easy to do and can do them very quickly. the other dekes seem to be the same, if you know how to do them, they work per usual, smoother as well.

    poke checks, toned down a ton, i can see a ton of tripping calls in the future.

    checking, seems like you have to have the player lined up even more so than in the past, which is a good thing. players not getting sucked into hits as much in years past.

    breakaways, my same 3 breakaway moves still work at a high rate. a forehand move, backhand move, and one that really isn't a move lol. i scored on 18 of my first 20 attempts in the free skate. i dont skate around like a jag, right in on goalie, make move, score.

    wrist shots, i scored 4 of my first 5 shots, all 5 hole.. same as last year from that spot!

    if they dont know about those, then i dont know what to tell ya.

    overall though, much better product than last year. even with the demo at an early build, its much much much better than NHL 13.

    actually enjoyed the way it has played in the demo, which is shocking..

    edit -------

    there is also an option in the control settings to turn off left stick hitting..

    NHL 94 Mode.. have to use NHL 94 controls right?

    wrong.. go to controller select, select skill stick, boom. now NHL 94 mode is just "casual" or "high impact" mode, skate speed/acc boosted, shot acc boosted etc.

    even though the user can use skill stick controls in the NHL 94 Mode, the CPU does not use any advance controls. no dekes, no nothing.

    it plays exactly like i have had set up on NHL 13 when this mode was announced. i wanted to see if thats what it was going to be and i was right. siiiiiiiiiiiigh!

    the sliders in game in NHL 94 mode.. other than 3 sliders, i had them set EXACTLY the way they do in my NHL 94 Mode NHL 13 season.. HILARIOUS!
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013
  2. xxkimura

    xxkimura Walk On

    Aug 12, 2013
    Got excited to download the demo and couldn't find it in PS store, guess it came out on xbox first and us ps3 users will have to wait until later today
  3. justca11mejuice

    justca11mejuice Walk On

    Aug 1, 2012
    gonna try a couple games of the demo tonight... excited.

    Fiddy is usually very negative towards the NHL series, so if he sees some shining moments, it really speaks volumes. haha.
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  4. justca11mejuice

    justca11mejuice Walk On

    Aug 1, 2012
    i played a few games the other night, and am really enjoying it...

    a few things of note that i found:
    * when pressing the LT, my guy does a full spin-o-rama instead of just turning slightly to shield the puck, setup a passing lane (a little annoying)
    * finding the trailer in the slot on an odd-man rush is highly rewarding (super smooth)
    * using the LB for the one-touch dekes is fun, but i sometime forget it's there or continue using the LB+RS to pull off a move
    * the hitting still seems a little weird - Hossa shouldn't be knocking Chara down on a hit on the boards
    * any big hit results in a scrap - overkill on this one. hopefully they tone this down in the retail release. i also found it funny that i'd hit Bergeron with Keith, but Marchand would step up to fight me (and get knocked out)
    * speaking of fights, how do you punch with the left hand? all the fights i've had seem to be righty on righty
    * five hole goals happen a little too often, as do the top-shelf-glove-side goals from the slot

    keep in mind, i've only been playing on the default settings, so maybe bumping up to all-star/superstar would correct some of these.

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