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northwestern outgunned

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Ruckus Redbird19, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Ruckus Redbird19

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    Jun 30, 2011
    out gunned!
    wildcats fall to superior talent 38-24

    Stanford welcomed the wildcats into their home and promptly dismantled their guests. the game started and before anyone could blink the wildcats were down 14 and seemed to be flat. Cain Kolter the wildcats qb was rendered infective by a combination of drops and bad reads. after a few drives coach fitz decided to change it up and try to establish the run. it never got on track. "we just couldnt get started on the ground. are only productive runs were scrambles by cain. our oline needs to do a better job moving people off the ball." coach fitz stated. the team looked rattled by the atmosphere at stanford. after the short passing game finally picked up and produced the cats were unable to punch it in and were forced to kick for three. the half ended with stanford up 24-3 and firmly in control.

    Kolter took things into his own hands and decided that enough was enough. he ran and passed creating offense were there was none. when his blocking held up he was able to make solid throws, however he was under duress a great deal of the second half. the team looked slow and flat in their opener. kolter said "i guess we just werent ready. after camp we felt pretty good, and i guess we just rode that feeling into stanford. they put us back to earth right away. the coaches kept trying to wake us up. it just was too late, we are a young team and we just sleepwalked through this one." kolter rushed for 2 tds inside the ten when the running game stalled. his deep ball was inconsistent but enough to move the ball. kolter and had a hard time delivering the ball to his wrs. almost every drive was derailed by a miscue. wrong routs, drops, and missed blocking assignments added up and combined with Kolter trying to do to much to create a formula for inconstancy. the defense settled in nicely after the first half but the offense was never really clicking like they are used to.

    "all in all the loss showed us that we are not ready. we have alot of work to do. i need to do a better job of getting this young team ready for real competition. despite takeing a beating no one was seriously hurt and we are going to point our efforts to a difficult matchup next week when the volunteers come to visit. " coach fitz had that to say after the difficult loss
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