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Not Hal's 2028 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by I Peench, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Picks 1-4 done by Drifterbub
    Picks 5-7 done by Timpegoose
    Picks 8-10 done by KnightNoles

    1) Miami Marlins - SP Joseph 'Eppa' Keller (Wichita, KS - Wichita State)

    Miami has struggled in recent years due to deteriorating talent and some unfortunate swings in player development, among other things. However, they were fortunate enough to land at the top of the 2028 Amateur Draft. Luckily for them, arguably one of the best SP prospects in recent years is available in Joseph Keller. Miami isn't hurting as far as pitching prospects go with three in the Top 100 (E. Gonzalez, H. Harris and E. Chute), but none of them possess the dominating stuff that would allow them to flourish as an Ace in the bigs. Keller has that type of arsenal, but it is rumored that talented lefty will be hard to sign with some saying he will be asking for a signing bonus upwards of $10 million. The Marlins aren't exactly strapped for cash, but desperate times call for desperate measures and Miami should do what it takes to sign him. Keller shows great promise with electrifying pitches that already have great movement. His control is somewhat developed for a prospect, but he shows the potential to have elite command of the plate.

    2) Philadelphia Phillies - William 'Hammer' Mondem (Birmingham, AL - UAB)

    The Phillies are running dry in the City of Brotherly Love. Without much in the farm system and their major league team becoming less competitive, they find themselves sitting near the top of the draft order. Like Miami, the Phillies are not busting at the seams with cash, so it would not surprise me if they took someone who would be easier to sign. Mondem comes with a $5.5 price tag, but is one of the best bets in the draft. Philly's farm system is near dry, and Mondem will put a corner stone in the organization that they can build around. Scouts agree that Mondem is well rounded and already shows developed control. He has good personality traits and also can field his position, which a lot of GMs covet these days.

    3) San Diego Padres - Keith 'Pooky' Walker (Hoover, AL)

    With Oakland looking to trade either Ramos or Mendoza, the Padres will be looking to refill their rotation with a young pitching spec. The Hoover High product only has 3 stamina, but if he can get that up even a tick, he looks like he will be the real deal.

    4) Oakland - SP Jesus Duran

    I like the A's to get the flamethrowing 21 year old out of New Jersey Tech. Despite coming from a small school he projects to be one of the top strikeout pitchers in this draft. True to his name though, he could be a bit of a gamble as his control isn't as well developed as many scouts would like for his age.

    5) Kansas City - OF David Ennis

    Ennis projects to be the top hitter in this class, and if things work out he will turn into one of the best leadoff hitters in the league. He has elite ability to get on base, and swiped a bag once every 2 games in college at Vanderbilt. KC would be getting a solid pick at #5. His ceiling is probably a slash along the lines of .290/.390/.410

    6) Texas - SS/2B Jon Wright

    Wright projects to have great power, and would thrive in the Rangers ballpark if he develops it all the way. Despite playing SS in his one year at Southeast Career Tech, he will likely slide over to 2B once he inks his contract. "The Little Globetrotter" is a bit of a risk, coming out as a teenager but could be a .290 30 HR player in the bigs.

    7) Yankees select - SP Curtis "Globbler" Kline (UMiami, FL)

    I think you can flip flop these next two picks, but with the lefty being Kline I see the Yankees taking him. They both are advanced and can hit the majors around the same time. The Yankees always would like some tough left handed pitchers to try and protect the short porch more. Of course they are notoriously known for win now and having depleted farm systems.

    8) Blue Jays select - SP Aaron "Extreme" Dixon (Merrimack College)

    About the same can be said for Dixon aside he is a right handed pitcher. Three ++ pitches with a meh slider that can be shown to hitters. He will kill his catcher behind the plate as he struggles to hold runners, but shouldn't have many on with ++ stuff and + control. I believe the Jays have a somewhat formidable rotation which are mostly in their prime, so don't be surprised if they take a bat.

    9) Rockies select - SP Carl "White Wings" Fisher (St. Louis MO)

    This is where it gets interesting with a regulation team on the clock, but Fisher displays 68% GB which is pretty nice in Coors with + stuff, movement and control, 3 pitches and 1 ++ pitch. He's 19 years old, he will be seen on down the road for Hal or for new management. If he dips into a pitcher that could possibly help him this year, look for Fernando Martinez to be selected.

    10) Tigers select - SP Alberto "Rapid Robert" Torres

    Another regulation team on the clock, but a much safer pick to keep their cycle going in the MLB. Fmode could go with CF Will Holmes if he is feeling a pricey High Schooler with great potentials but I would suspect the "safer" pick in Torres with with a power arm 97-99, good stuff/control and a tick lower movement with a ++ fastball, a + curve and a potential ++ changeup.
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  2. NeuroticTruth

    NeuroticTruth dont know , dont care

    Nov 30, 2011
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    Great stuff guys. I can assure you though that I wont be taking Walker at #3. A high schooler with 3 stamina and only one A+ pitch, at #3? No thanks.

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