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NY Times

Discussion in 'Game Recaps' started by guayo10, May 25, 2014.

  1. guayo10

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    Apr 21, 2013

    1st Series at Houston Astros (KnightNoles)

    Game 1 New York Yankees 2 Houston Astros 5
    We had played the game the first time with Knight dominating and steering the Astros to a convincing win, sadly the game didn't save (surprise surprise). Knight knowing that he would beat me again was nice enough to replay the game. He dominated once more. The New York Yankees never showed signs of winning this game.

    Game 2 New York Yankees 5 Houston Astros 0
    Somehow the New York Yankees remembered that these were the Houston Astros and not a major powerhouse. The Yankee pitching staff was outstanding as they shut down the Stros. It was a comfortable win for the Yankees that started off the gates early but couldn't add to the lead late.

    Game 3 New York Yankees 9 Houston Astros 3
    The Yankees scored a million runs in the top of the 1st. At one point I wanted to give a cyber hug to Knight and his starter. Also a shoulder to cry on as the Yankees went through the order at least twice (more like 3/4 times) in that inning. The Astros did have multiple opportunities to get back into the game but couldn't find a big hit with runners in scoring position. The Yankees left Texas with a series win 2-1.

    2nd Series at Toronto Blue Jays

    Game 1 New York Yankees 4 Toronto Blue Jays 7
    Welcome to the MLB Tanaka. He struggled early and the Yankees did come back to take a 4-3 lead, only for Maicer Izturis to come back and tie the game. The Jays would go on to take the lead and silence the Yankees bats and win the opener.

    Game 2 New York Yankees 5 Toronto Blue Jays 4

    Game 3 New York Yankees 8 Toronto Blue Jays 5
    3rd Series vs Baltimore Orioles (HotRod)

    Game 1 Baltimore Orioles 5 New York Yankees 0
    We had to do this one over. After the 1st one didn't save. Unlike the 1st one my bats were asleep and Chris Davis hit a 3 run shot to open up the scoring. My head exploded as well as we should've been on game 2 instead of doing this one over late at night, but I thought we would win and a bunch of missed opportunities meant that Tanaka would remain winless. The Orioles pitchers were nasty in the 2nd game (2nd 1st game) as my bats missed various opportunities with runners on.

    you can see the 1st 1st one here
    Games 2 & 3 we didn't play
    Baltimore Orioles 3 New York Yankees 1 & Baltimore Orioles 3 New York Yankees 5
    1st series loss in the season for the Yanks.

    4th Series vs Boston Red Sox (smlVICTORIES53)

    Games 1-4 we didn't play
    The sim Gods are most likely Yankees fans as they gave me 3 of the 4 games. 3 one run games; 7-6 and two 8-7's. And a 5-3 win by the Sox in game 2 of the series.

    5th Series vs Chicago Cubs

    Games 1-2 didn't save
    Sim Gods hated the Castro trade and gave the Cubs 2 undeserved wins.

    6th Series at Tampa Bay Rays

    Game 1 New York Yankees 12 Tampa Bay Rays 2
    David Price got knocked around in this game not making it past the 3rd inning. The Yankees bats woke up as they had scored 10 by the 5th. The Rays never threatened to cut it close as they could only muster 2 runs.

    Game 2 New York Yankees 6 Tampa Bay Rays 0
    Another Rays pitcher that didn't see the 4th as the Yanks scored all 6 runs in 3 innings. The bull pen came up huge for the Rays as they kept the Yankees scoreless for the final 6 innings. The Rays bats though couldn't get anything going as the Yankees got 9 shutout innings from the pitchers.

    Game 3 New York Yankees 1 Tampa Bay Rays 2
    Welp, the bats fell asleep as the Rays would get a 1-0 lead after one. The Yanks would finally tie it in the 7th only to have the pen allow a run in the 8th. Balfour came in, in the 9th and shut the door. The sweep was thrown out the door.

    Game 4 New York Yankees 5 Tampa Bay Rays 6
    The Rays got off to a quick start once again with a 4-0 lead. The Yankees cut it back to a 4-2 lead late in the 6th when one of those funny but irritating errors occurred. In the bottom of the 6th the Rays had guys on 1st and 2nd with two outs when a routine pop out got past Ichiro and the two runs came in to score. In the top of the 7th El Capitan Derek Jeter hit a 3 run bomb to get within a run. The error (idiotique) proved costly as Balfour would once again close the door. This one may prove costly come October.
    7th Series at Boston Red Sox (smlVICTORIES53)

    Games 1-3 didn't play
    Once again couldn't get the games in and once again the Yankees took the series 2 games to 1.

    8th Series vs Los Angeles Angels

    Game 1 Los Angeles Angels 3 New York Yankees 2
    Angels had the lead late into the game, the Yanks rallied in the 7th to tie the game up at 2. A Derek Jeter error kept the top of the 8th alive, a Tex mishandle at 1st got the runner into scoring position and a walk and a wild pitch later gave the Angels a 3-2 lead. Yanks couldn't rally on the 9th as Ellsbury struck out with a guy on 3rd and 1st.
    Game 2 Los Angeles Angels 3 New York Yankees 4
    Just like game one the Angels took a 3-0 lead only to squander it late. The Yanks tied it in the 8th and took a 4-3 lead that was good enough to get Robertson the only save he would get with the Yanks before moving on to the Chicago Cubs.

    Game 3 Los Angeles Angels 0 New York Yankees 1
    Jeff Francis. That's all. Traded Bird for him and got a complete game shutout from Francis.

    9th Series vs Seattle Mariners (Emmdotfrisk

    Games 1-3 didn't play
    Didn't get a chance to play these, which were probably a good thing as the Yankees took 2 of 3 from the M's. The only negative might've been I didn't get to hit Cano for leaving us this past winter.

    10th Series vs Tampa Bay Rays

    Game 1 Tampa Bay Rays 4 New York Yankees 3
    Tanaka pitched well for the first 6 innings then got into trouble. First a bad throw from Jeter then a drop from Beltran and then the ball got past Beltran that scored 3 from the Rays. Yankees rallied in the 8th and 9th as Ellsbury once again had the tying run on 2nd with 2 out and he flew out to the short stop.

    Game 2 Tampa Bay Rays 3 New York Yankees 5
    Hiroki Kuroda dominated the first 5 innings and like the game before errors proved costly for the Yanks. A 3-0 lead quickly became 3-2 in the 6th when costly errors and routine plays that weren't so routine got the Rays not he board. Donthrelle Willis came out of the pen to get out of a bases loaded jam in the 6th. The Yankees added 2 more in the bottom of the 7th thanks to Soriano and Ichiro. The Rays would get one more but struck out 3 times in the top of the 9th to Andrew Bailey.

    Game 3 Tampa Bay Rays 6 New York Yankees 3
    Jaime Garcia's hot start was no more as he gave up 4 runs in the first 3 innings. Will Myers cleared the bases after another OF mishap occurred as the ball once again went under the glove of Beltran (surprise surprise) The Yankees entered the 9th down 6-1 but quickly made it 6-2. Starlin hit a single that moved the runner to 3rd but Starlin got greedy and was thrown out at 2nd. The Yankees would get another single to get the runner from 3rd in making it 6-3. Another single would get that runner to 3rd leaving 1st and 3rd for Ellsbury with 2 out as Balfour would come in and close the door.

    At the end of April the Yanks sat 3 games behind the Rays for 1st in the East.
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