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OD Freezing Issues

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by -Balla-, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. -Balla-

    -Balla- Walk On

    May 27, 2011
    First off, I hope this never happens to us in this OD.

    But another OD that I am in had this problem happen and apparently it's happened to enough people that EA looked into it and realized there is actually a problem. This is what the EA techs said, "the problem exists when people save the OD file offline, meaning anyone besides the commish that saves a file is saving offline from the server. So when the server asks you to save the OD, DO NOT save the file. Only the commish should be the one saving."

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass this on. Like I said I hope it doesn't happen here. *knock on wood* *throw salt over my left shoulder*

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