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OFFICIAL TGA Tour Rules, Settings, etc.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Basis4aDay56, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. Basis4aDay56

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    Feb 22, 2009

    The TGA Tour & the Tradition Cup Playoffs are for FUN! Most of these regulations are NOT ENFORCABLE! We can make sure that your golfer's skill ratings are legal, but much of the rest is completely on your honor. If you are here on Tradition Sports Online, this will not be a problem for you. Additionally, any rules & regulations are subject to change at any time at the discretion of management.

    Have fun!

    - Basis & Noles


    Golfer Creation Guidelines/Settings
    Tournament Settings
    Caddy Feature & Focus
    Signing Up for a Tournament
    Flight Captain Duties
    Playing in a Tournament
    Make Up Rounds
    The Tradition Cup: TGA Tour Playoffs Points System


    - Each TGA Tour participant MUST use a custom created golfer
    .....- If you are unable to do the career mode without going over the ratings limits below, please create a new golfer to get as many points as you can/want to!

    - The maximum number of ratings points spread across all four ratings categories will be 240!
    .....- The maximum allowed per the game would be 400, or 100 in each category
    .....- You may have any combination in any individual category as long as the 240 maximum is not exceeded
    .....- If math isn't your thing, this means that you need to average 60 points per ratings category
    .....- These ratings limits must be held to even with ratings bonuses acquired by apparel! If you have a 3% apparel boost, make sure that you take some of the actual skill off so that you are not over the limit.

    - Custom club tuning is allowed and encouraged!


    Once your golfer tees off in any NON-EXHIBITION TGA Tour event, your attributes will be locked with that golfer, within a +/- 2 range in each of the four categories. This will be in place to ensure that no one DRASTICALLY changes the way their player is set up for one course vs. another course. The flight captains will be responsible for recording the four category totals for each player and this will be tracked.

    You have until your attributes are "maxed out" (hit 240 total) before this will take effect. If you are playing with under 240, you may continue to build your player without having to lock in his attributes.


    Each TGA Tour tournament - whether exhibition, regular tournament, or major - will use the settings below:

    - TOUR Pro Game Difficulty
    - Stroke Simultaneous Gameplay Mode
    - Putting Meter ON
    - Three Click OFF
    - Live Weather
    - Black Tees
    - Tournament Course Speed (Greens & Fairways)
    - Long Second Cut Length

    The pin locations will be tested on every difficulty on tournament green speed to ensure that there are no "circus pins" that are impossible to get to unless you are insanely lucky. If there are no problems with the pins after testing, they will follow the pattern below for every round:

    - Round 1: Easy
    - Round 2: Hard
    - Round 3: Medium
    - Round 4: Expert

    The Masters and the Masters Par 3 Exhibition tournaments will use the Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday pins in order.


    As you all know, there is no way to completely turn the caddy off. As such, here are the guidelines for using the caddy feature:

    - On ALL SHOTS (non-putts), you MUST use the custom shot feature. No usage of the caddy shots will be allowed.

    - There is no way to do anything on putting, so you may use the caddy's reads. You must know that his reads are not usually correct and learning to read the greens yourself will make you a MUCH better putter.

    - The FOCUS feature IS allowed! You may use it, but be aware that it is not an unlimited supply given to you by the game - it runs out over time.

    Signing up for a Tournament

    Every TGA Tour event will be open to all competitors with conforming golfers, except for the Tradition Cup: TGA Tour Playoffs at the end of the season.

    To register, visit the tee time thread for the tournament that is open for registration. Post your gamertag/psn into the Google spreadsheet and communicate with your flight captain as to when your rounds will be played.

    In the event that you have special circumstances and will need to make up rounds, please try to give advanced notice in the proper section.

    The Responsibilities of a Flight Captain

    - Sign up for a tee time, listing yourself as a flight captain
    ----- You are expected to keep to a tee time within that window unless EVERYONE in your group can change times
    - PM or send an XBL/PSN message to your group members to arrange an EXACT time window to meet up for your rounds
    - Invite your group members to a party chat (XBL) or game session at that time
    - Ensure that the settings for the round are accurate! Please see the tee time thread for details
    - Check each of your group members' skill ratings (LB on XBOX, L1 on PS3) to make sure they are not over 240
    - *IF* a group member is maxed out at 240, send a PM to Basis4aDay56 & KnightNoles with what the per category amount is for each of the four categories [only needs to be done the first time!]
    - *IF* your group member is under 240, no need to do that
    - *IF* your group member has an attribute range listed, make sure their golfer conforms
    - Make sure no foul play occurs
    - Write down/post the scores for your group at the immediate conclusion of the round

    Flight captains may captain more than one flight, but the rounds that will count are the rounds played with the first group for each round.

    For example, say you are signed up for 7-8 and then 9-10 on the same day. Your round(s) from 7-8 will be official, your 9-10 round(s) will be "practice rounds".

    You can practice...but if your flight captain a round, so some of the scores are official...everyone's scores in that flight are official. Say I stepped in and was flight captain for 2 guys...my score would count. I couldn't play that and then do the round 2 hours later and take my later round score.

    If none of the scores are official for the tour, total practice round, then no problem.

    Playing in a Tournament

    For each tournament, there will be a tee time thread with a time range. Each golfer should sign up for a tee time range for each round. You do NOT have to sign up for the same time each night, nor do you need to be with the same flight captain; pick times solely based on your availability for the week.

    While your flight captain is responsible for contacting YOU, it doesn't hurt for you to also contact them if you haven't heard anything. This will ensure that you guys are all on the same page.

    When playing in tournament rounds as a non-flight captain, your only true responsibilities are to have fun, play honestly, and double check the round settings & flight captain's ratings. The flight captain will do the rest.

    Make Up Rounds

    The best efforts of each and every participant in a tournament to get their rounds in on the proper days are MUCH appreciated - it makes everything run more smoothly.

    Having said that, there are certainly real life situations and last minute events that need attention. If you are unable to play your rounds "on time", you will have until approx. 7am edt of the date of the FINAL ROUND to have your first three rounds in. If you do not, you will be deemed to have missed the cut (if you have one or two of the rounds played) or will be deemed to have not participated (no rounds played).

    The Tradition Cup: The TGA Tour Playoffs

    The TGA Tour will keep season long standings using FedEx Cup scoring as all players try to win the Tradition Cup for their platform (PS3 or X360). This season long points battle will set up the TGA Tour Playoffs: the Tradition Cup. Based on the points totals at the conclusion of the regular season, the points will reset at a TBD interval from first to last.

    There are 11 regular season tournaments. Each participant's BEST 8 RESULTS will be counted. This will help account for service failures (PS3) and vacations or other absences.

    Here is how points will be awarded, as they will vary between "normal" tournaments and majors:


    1st - 500 pts // 750 pts
    2nd - 450 pts // 650 pts
    3rd - 400 pts // 550 pts
    4th - 350 pts // 450 pts
    5th - 300 pts // 350 pts
    6th - 275 pts (same for both types of tournament from 6th onward)
    7th - 250 pts
    8th - 225 pts
    9th - 200 pts
    10th - 190 pts
    11th - 180 pts
    12th - 170 pts
    13th - 160 pts
    14th - 150 pts
    15th - 140 pts
    16th - 130 pts
    17th - 120 pts
    18th - 110 pts
    19th - 105 pts
    20th - 100 pts
    21st - 95 pts
    22nd - 90 pts
    23rd - 85 pts
    24th - 80 pts
    25th - 75 pts
    26th - 70 pts
    27th - 65 pts
    28th - 60 pts
    29th - 55 pts
    30th - 50 pts
    31st onward: 49 pts, decreasing by 1 until 0 is reached

    The Tradition Cup will function as follows:

    The last four tournaments will progressively cut the field down -- it will depend on the actual size of the field, but here is what I'm thinking:
    First Playoff Tournament - All Play
    Second Playoff Tournament - Top 12 in points
    Third Playoff Tournament - Top 8 in points
    TOUR Championship - Top 4 in points, winner takes the Tradition Cup
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