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Official x3b Coaching Carousel Outline

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Emmdotfrisk, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Emmdotfrisk

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Official x3b Coaching Carousel Outline


    Point System Outline: At the end of each season a list of schools, at each prestige level, will be available for a new coaching. This will depend on the progress of the last two season, mainly record in conference play and quality wins outside of conference. If a x3b Coach has accumulated a total of 100 points in their coaching tenure, they can qualify to apply for the Head Coaching job at one of these schools. The x3b Coach can only apply for a position at a school with the same prestige level as their current school. Here is how a x3b Coach can get 100 points.

    Team Oriented Goals

    5 point Rivalry Victory
    10 points Winning Season
    15 points Bowl Eligible
    20 points Bowl Win
    25 points Conference Champion
    30 points Top 25
    35 points Top 10
    40 points Top 5
    45 points Undefeated Season
    55 points National Championship Winner

    Individual Player/Coach Goals

    1 point Player of the Week - Conference
    1 point Player of the Week - National
    5 point Post Season Award
    1 point Post Season All-Conference 1st Team
    1 point Post Season All-Conference 2nd Team
    5 point Post Season All-American 1st Team
    1 point Post Season All-American 2nd Team
    1 point Freshmen All-American
    10 points Top 5 Heisman Contender
    20 points Heisman Winner
    30 points Coach of the Year Award

    All-Time Record Goals

    5 Points FG Record (33)
    5 Points Interceptions (14)
    5 Points Passing TD's (58)
    5 Points Passing Yards (5833)
    5 Points Reception TD's (27)
    5 Points Reception Yards (2060)
    5 Points Receptions (142)
    5 Points Rushing TD's (37)
    5 Points Rushing Yards (2628)
    5 Points Sacks (24)

    10 Points Interceptions (29)
    10 Points Passing TD's (134)
    10 Points Passing Yards (17072)
    10 Points Reception TD's (59)
    10 Points Reception Yards (5005)
    10 Points Receptions (316)
    10 Points Rushing TD's (73)
    10 Points Rushing Yards (6397)
    10 Points Sacks (44)

    25 Points Longest Win Streak (47)
    ∞ Points National Titles (6)

    * Points will be tallied after the BCS National Championship Game of each season. The final and total point value that a x3b Coach will accrue for their current season will be calculated with the following formula.

    Team Goals + Player Goals ÷ Current Team Prestige Level = Total Points​

    * Total points can and will most likely accrue over multiple seasons, giving the x3b Coach an opportunity to take a position he is interested in. If the Coach qualifies (tally's more than 100 points), he can also choose to stay with the same school for as many seasons as desired. If the coach wants to apply for a position with a school 1 prestige level higher than their current level, they must earn another 100 points.

    *To get a better understanding of how it works I have set up 2 examples;

    EXAMPLE 1.1

    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Goes Undefeated but only makes it to the Rose Bowl where they lose to Oregon. They finish in the Top 10 and get a few Post Season Awards.
    They would get the following points;

    Team Goals = 5 for rivalry, 10 winning season, 15 bowl eligible, 25 conference champion, 35 top 10. TOTAL = 90 points
    Individual Goals = lets say 2 for POW, 5 for All Conference, 5 for All-American, 10 for heisman contender, 30 coach of the year. TOTAL = 42 points

    Prestige Level = :3stars:

    90 + 42 ÷ 3 = 44 pts

    At this rate, the coach of Iowa will need to produce three seasons of this caliber or better to move to coach at a new school.

    EXAMPLE 1.2

    Arkansas State

    With the season I just completed here is my total point value. I had a winning season, beat one rival, made it to a bowl, won my bowl, had an all-conference performer, with a few POW along the way.

    Team Goals = 5 for rivalry, 10 winning season, 15 bowl eligibility, 20 bowl win. Total = 50 points
    Individual goals = 2 POW, 2 for All conference. Total = 4 points

    Prestige Level = :1stars:

    50 + 4 ÷ 1 = 54 pts

    At this rate, I will need to produce two seasons of this caliber or better to quality to coach at a new school.

    If you have any suggestions or questions please let myself or Lee know.

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