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OFFL League Description

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Colemanchu, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Colemanchu

    Colemanchu GOAT SPLITTER

    Feb 23, 2009
    OFFL League Description


    Dynasty Description

    The OFFL began as a single dynasty shortly after the release of NCAA 2009. Founded on the principles of simulation style play, a group of members from the now defunct Over 30 Club were introduced midway through 2008. Shortly before the release of NCAA 2010, the Gray Hair Online Dynasty joined with the OFFL to give us what we presently have: a one team - one coach methodology that represents every conference in division one college football. The OFFL East, West, Mid-Majors, and Small Schools dynasties are the result of this reorganization. We also formed the OFFL Team Builder Dynasty in order to allow our members to branch out into another kind of football experience. Speaking of Experience, the OFFL Experience league was formed by the original members of the first OFFL dynasty, and it populated by a number of highly active members, many of whom serve the league in other capacities, either as site developers or content creators, or as commissioners. This collection of six dynasties is the OFFL. Welcome.

    Name Team Conference
    OPEN OPEN The Big East
    Masler WVU The Big East
    Beazus Rutgers The Big East
    MaxAttack Cincy The Big East
    Juggernaut ND ND
    Hova FSU ACC (A)
    Bfruchey BC ACC (A)
    Dakota VaTech ACC (C)
    bravejaf UNC ACC (C)
    JcSpartan Tennessee SEC (E)
    Colemanchu* LSU SEC (W)
    DJ Miss St SEC (W)

    * = League Commissioner

    Offense Human CPU[/U][/B]
    QB Accuracy TBD TBD
    Pass Block TBD TBD
    WR Catching TBD TBD
    RB Ability TBD TBD
    Run Blocking TBD TBD
    Defense Human CPU[/U][/B]
    Awareness TBD TBD
    Knockdowns TBD TBD
    Interceptions TBD TBD
    Break Block TBD TBD
    Tackling TBD TBD
    Special Teams Human CPU[/U][/B]
    FG Power TBD TBD
    FG Accuracy TBD TBD
    P Power TBD TBD
    P Accuracy TBD TBD
    Kickoff Power TBD TBD

    OFFL Dynasty Rules: NCAA 10

    Welcome to the 2009 version of the OFFL Dynasty Rules for NCAA 10. At the core of the rule list are the never changing philosophical beliefs of the OFFL and Tradition Football Community. We expect all users to play a simulation style of video game football. Good sportsmanship, honesty, and respect for your fellow users is expected from everyone at all times. We are all here to have fun and play a video game. Respect your opponent and have fun with it. Violations of any rules or any poor conduct are grounds for removal from this dynasty.

    Autopilot Rules: Users must play their games and must recruit their players, not the CPU. Autopilot is not an alternative to showing up. However, we do realize that members will travel from time to time.

    Vacation/Absence: If you are going to be gone for more than a few days, let your commissioner know so he can put you on autopilot and simulate your activities as to not hold the rest of the dynasty up.

    Advancement: We advance every 72 hours or if games or when all games and recruiting are done, whichever comes first.

    User Games: Make the effort to contact your opponent to schedule and play the game as soon as possible. If a reasonable effort to contact your opponent is not made before the day of advance, the game will be simulated. The forums will serve as proof of an attempt. XBOX Live messaging will not.

    Game Play Settings:
    Level: All American
    Length: 7 Min.
    Sliders: Altered (TBD)
    Penalties: Altered (TBD)
    Rosters: The most updated and correct version will be sought out by the TF/OFFL leadership.

    Substitutions: The OFFL expects users to keep their rosters together as they would be in real life. Keep players in their positions. The OFFL is open to individualized situations. If you have a question, contact your commissioner.

    Position Changes (Offseason): Changes in position will only be allowed in the offseason. If a special situation comes up, contact your commissioner and let them know. All position changes must be posted in the forums.

    Package substitutions: Are allowed and are not to be abused.

    ---Rotating QB’s: If you have a good passing QB and a good running QB and would like to use both, ensure you only switch them out when you change possessions. Alternating quarterbacks between plays is not allowed.

    Starting Lineups: The best players (overall) should be your starters. If you must start a lesser player (overall) to fit your system that will be allowed but no flip-flopping of the rules in this situation to fit each game.

    Playbooks: You may use any playbook but do not use your playbook as an excuse to overuse formation subs, types of plays, etc.

    Game Play (General): Wide Receivers and Tight Ends should be the main target for the passing game, Running Backs should not. You may only move one player pre-snap on defense.

    Game clock/Play clock: Killing clock is allowed. The main reasons for killing clock should be:
    1) Late in the 1st half (within one minute) to get to halftime
    2) Late in the 2nd half to preserve a victory. Must be in the latter part of the 4th QTR
    3) If you have a large lead and it's in latter half of the 4th quarter. Run the ball. Stay in bounds.

    No Huddle: Can be used any time in the 2nd half when you are trailing considerably (14+) or when it's late in game (at least the 4th QTR) when you are trailing (1+) or need to score to break a tie. It is never allowed after an incompletion.

    4th Downs: Needs to be kept to a minimum and when you have very short yardage (1-3 yards) and you're on the opponents side of the field. You can also go for it on 4th down late in a game when you're trailing (1+) or you're trying to score to break a tie game.

    Goal Line Formation: Keep it to real life situations. Short yardage (2 yards or less), red zone, deep in your own territory (Inside the 10 yard line), etc.

    Disconnects: Download NCAA 10 to your 360. Doing so appears to eliminate most if not all disconnects due to frozen games, etc. If you do happen to get a freeze or disconnect, immediately contact your user opponent via a message on XBL or headsets. It will be between the users to replay the game. Any special circumstances need to be brought to the attention of the commissioner. Post on the message boards as well, for clarification.

    Complaints about opponent's play: No Public Battles in the forums! Contact the commissioner of your dynasty through private messages if any situations arise. Save game footage if necessary to show how your opponent was playing.

    Recruiting: No over-signing. You may not go over 70 players at any time. Penalty is ten hours of recruiting time lost per player over. That's a whole week, guys, so pay attention.

    Each year every team gets an allowance of:
    2 - 5 star player
    7 - 4 star players
    Any additional recruits must be three star or lower, unless:

    Some recruits are open to all, and do not count against your limits. These recruits are:

    *Numbers 1, 2, and 3 - "The Celebrity Recruits"
    *Also the #1 guy added in the offseason is a free 5 star.
    *Note that this does not allow you sign more than 70 total players it only effects the number of 5 stars you may sign.

    Cuts: Since our recruiting rules make it so that you should never go over 70, you will not be allowed to cut players. Now if you have a player transfer in the offseason, or join the dynasty late in the year with a cpu class that puts you over 70 then you should let the commish know so that he doesnt sim past cuts.

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