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    New OC and DC have been moving around the league as teams prepare to shuffle their rosters.

    Give us a little insight into why the change and what you look for in your new offense/defense.

    Teams making changes:

    Oakland - St Louis Offense
    San Diego - Arizona Offense
    Denver - New Orleans Offense
    Green Bay - Oakland Offense
    Atlanta - Miami Offense
    San Francisco - Oakland Offense
    Dallas - Atlanta Offense
    Tennessee - Carolina Offense
    Jacksonville - Baltimore Offense
    Cincinnati - Buffalo Offense
    Buffalo - Atlanta Offense

    Green Bay - Kansas City Defense
    San Francisco - San Francisco Defense
    Atlanta - Green Bay Defense
    Dallas - New York Giants Defense
    Denver - Cincinnati Defense
    St Louis - Green Bay Defense
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    Aug 20, 2011
    I inherited the Colts offensive playbook when I took the reigns of the Falcons in Week 15. It was my forst time with the playbook, and after familiarizing myself with it, I decided that it had to go. Just doesn't fit with my style. Too many under center formations with too many TEs involved.

    Befpre the Falcons slot opened up, I spent my days and nights playing random cheesers (and the occasional sim player) online and always played with either tne Dolphins or Chargers. Moved on to the Bills for a little more defense, but kept the Miami playbook. I was exalted when it opened up and claimed it immediately. I find that it keeps me out of the deep routes that require deep drops (which frequently results in deep, frequent interceptions for me). I prefer to play in the shotgun, and the playbook allows for this without sacrificing a running game.

    As to the defensive side of the ball....I chose Green Bay because it was the first 3-4 to open up. I am absolutely terrible at the 4-3....always have been. With tne right players, I have, at times, had reasonable success on defense with a 3-4 (especially against the run).

    I will miss Spider Y 2 Banana in its various forms from Indy's playbook though. It is damn near a Tecmo Bowl/Jerry Rice slant play. Very hard to stop because the play fake does not really slow down the pass. Somebody is always open and open quickly.
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